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The problems of upgrading to a posh new phone – what ring tone to have?

Since 2003 I have had a Nokia8310. It served me well. I liked the little phone but for about the past two years it had shall we say stopped working. Basically if anyone rang me it was likely to both cause the battery to die and for the phone to lose connection. I kept with it as the new world of mobile phones was both scary and expensive (and deep down I’m a right tight arse) but recently I have loosened the purse strings somewhat. Having a phone that a) works and b) gives me access to the interweb on the move was actually a pretty good idea.

So last week I purchased a second-hand iPhone 3GS and so far so good. I can check e-mails even if not at my computer. Can tweet on the move and all those added little extras like train times and information are worth it. I’m not fully a convert yet but I’m getting there.

Now the problem occurs of what to have as my ring tone as I can pretty much have anything. For years I’ve just had the standard Nokia tone but no more. So here are the candidates..

First up following on from its appearance in my last blog – The Big Fight: Live (ITV)

Next up ESPN’s College Gameday: Live

Maybe the BBC’s Golf theme?

Or it’s Cricket theme?

Possibly even Ski Sunday?

Maybe the BBC Snooker theme?

The Chain anyone?

Maybe The Apprentice USA?

I did/do love The Contender…

I’m certainly looking to go down the theme tune route. Any suggestions?

As it stands I’m leaning heaving to The Big Fight: Live.

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