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Nadine Dorries blocks Lib Dems on twitter for being ‘Lib Dem’

Ah. Who doesn’t love a good Nadine Dorries story? It has been a while since her name has even passed into my consciousness. No doubt she has been extremely busy doing great things and saving the world. Or something. Anyway tonight there seemed to be a bit of a stir on my Twitter Timeline about her and the fact she was blocking Lib Dems from communicating with her via the medium on account that they were ‘Lib Dem.’

Please see the screenshot below.

Nadine Dorries Lib Dem Twitter
Nadine Dorries Twitter – 22/04/2013

Now blocking someone from communicating with you based solely on their political persuasion is fair enough if you are a muppet but if you are an MP then you kinda can’t do that – certainly if the person who instigated the conversation was in fact a constituent (which seemingly they are – or at least were). So yeah blocking people for that reason seems pretty petty and pathetic but it is no surprise.

My biggest issue with this whole thing is her saying that she has been ‘totally savaged’ – yeah Liberal Youth on twitter are the vicious ones. The fact she was getting slaughtered in the national media for her decision to swan off to the jungle and her other shall we call them eccentricities? Yeah it is those nasty Liberal Youthers who are the savages. If Nadine actually read everything about her on twitter she would know that the twitterati basically think as much of her as I do of mushrooms*.

I’m pretty sure Nadine has a brain inside of her head and she probably knows what a savaging was and a few people saying she hadn’t visited a school isn’t a savaging. Blocking people on twitter is all well and good if they are being abusive but for reasons such as this and then bleating that Liberal Youth are savaging her is about as pathetic as my attempts to get out of going to church when I was 11.

Ah well. We all love a good Nadine Dorries story don’t we…?

*Mushrooms are the most disgusting thing on the planet. They grow them ugly to warn everyone off the and they smell worse than a fried egg and yet people happily eat them. Are you mad people of the world. Are you mad? Can you honestly say you look at a mushroom growing in a field and think ‘I think I’ll put that in my mouth’ No. No you wouldn’t and yet people do…*shakes head in despair*

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Ok I’ll admit the truth. I’m jealous of Nadine Dorries and deep down all of you are too

So Nadine Dorries thinks that female MPs are jealous of her does she? I mean why stop there and why doesn’t she just admit the truth that the whole human race are jealous and wish they led her life. You see the thing is we often rail against those who we are secretly jealous of. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Ryan Clark or Christopher Maloney? We all wish that we were in TOWIE or Geordie Shore don’t we? We would love our semi-fake lives planted all over the newspapers whilst people with brains laughed at us behind our backs? Jealousy is a strange and cruel mistress (if there are any of them reading – please send me an e-mail) but yes we all wish we were Nadine. Let us look at the reasons we all wish we were Nadine…

First of all who wouldn’t want to be able to take time off work to go on a Z-list celebrity show and get paid for both jobs? I mean seriously. If my bosses were down with me going and eating kangaroo bollocks whilst Eric Bristow regales me with tales about how he was a great darts player then I’d be so there and so would all of you be too.

On a similar line wouldn’t it be awesome to basically get sacked by your boss but still keep your job? That is what Nadine has managed to do. That is pure genius.

Remember she has been able to publicly slag off her bosses relentlessly and basically kept getting away with it. We all dream of dissing our bosses (well not me obviously – mine is great – actually he is – I get on very well with the guy I report to) but in general many of us would love to just diss our superiors and basically get no ramifications. It took her actually going on a TV show and missing work for her to get a bit of a bollocking (but keep her job).

Also wouldn’t you like to go on national TV to further your political campaign – in her case on abortion? Who here wouldn’t want to go on national TV and get exposure for our causes? The fact that she got no exposure for it is neither here nor there – she thought she was actually going to be able to use this as a platform for her cause.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be told by the general public that you were the worst Z-list celebrity on a TV show? Deep down you can take comfort knowing that Christopher Maloney is still in the X Factor so surely the public know nothing. The public voted Ella Henderson out so that means that the public vote out the ones they like – yes that is it.

I would also love to live in a world where I wasn’t sure which home was actually my main residence. I mean who wouldn’t want a life where someone asked them where they lived they had to take a few seconds to think – not to think of an excuse but to think of which address is actually your home. A life we can all only aspire to.

When like me you write a blog you generally write what you like but when you are an MP you are surely tied into the truth but not Nadine. Oh no. In her own words ‘My blog is 70% fiction and 30% fact. It is written as a tool to enable my constituents to know me better and to reassure them of my commitment to Mid Bedfordshire. I rely heavily on poetic licence and frequently replace one place name/event/fact with another.’ How awesome is that? She can basically say the majority of what she writes is made up but it’s ok. I want to live in a world where that is true.

With a Z-list TV appearance behind her she now has the world as her oyster – well when I say world – I mean reality TV shows and other TV appearances. She’ll be on TV a lot folks. Get used to that. The only reason for her not to be on TV a lot would be if she quit her role as an MP and moved to Australia. Wouldn’t that be a turn up…(ellipsis left there for effect and a nod and a wink). I mean who wouldn’t want to move to Australia…(yep same thing).

Also she’s had an affair. You can’t get much hotter than that. A passionate steamy affair with a married man. We all want that don’t we? (not with a married man for me obviously – that would be a turn up).

Would you want to basically ruin the career you had worked so hard for just to get a bit of TV money and infamy for a couple of years before sitting back and thinking ‘what the hell did I do all that for?’ well Nadine has that now. Her career as an MP is all but over come 2015 and what will she do next? I’m looking forward to her appearance on the ‘Celebrity Jelly Wrestling’ show with Ann Widdecombe. It’s going to be an epic. This is the type of thing she has opened herself up to. I mean wouldn’t we all want to have these types of doors open to us?

So yes we are all (rightly) extremely jealous of her. It is either that or we are all laughing at someone who is in the process of destroying her career that she worked so hard for so she could get her fifteen minutes of fame but it couldn’t be that at all…could it? It couldn’t be someone selling their soul for a few dollars and a few TV appearances…could it? It couldn’t be that her actions have led to MPs getting an (even) worse name could it? No way could it be any of those things.

Deep down all of us – and certainly female MPs wished they had been on a Z-list celebrity show whilst they were meant to be working. Whilst Nadine was sleeping in a jungle in front of TV cameras most female MPs were working and going home to their families and sleeping in a bed with a nice thick duvet. Yeah Nadine certainly got the best of them…

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Nadine Dorries leads (or at the very least significantly influences) some Lib Dem activists thoughts

Nadine will love that headline but it is true. Yesterday Nick Clegg decided that enough was enough and he had to make a stand against the Tories for not pushing through with Lords reform. The Prime Minister couldn’t control his party and therefore the dreams of a more democratic way forward. Most Lib Dems agree this isn’t the worst thing ever but there is one thing that has got people foaming at the mouth…

Nadine Dorries’ seat of Mid Bedfordshire will still exist.

Now we all know that a parliament without Nadine Dorries is probably a good thing. However is this really that important in the grand scheme of things? I sat here yesterday and saw Lib Dems on twitter bitch and moan about Dorries and how she’d survive and that it pissed them off. It pisses us all off but some were actually saying that we should carry on with the boundary changes just to get Dorries out.

Surely that is going a bit too far? Dorries would be delighted that she is despised so much that a section of Lib Dems (a not insignificant section) would actually want boundary changes to go through just to get her out. Of course it would also mean tat many Lib Dems would also lose their seat but that is just acceptable collateral damage to get Nadine out.

The other thing is of course that Nadine could possibly stand in another seat. Now I’m no rocket scientist but I’m pretty sure people can be selected to represent another ward. No doubt there would be several local Conservative Party associations who’d love to have such an outspoken Member of Parliament. Some of these might even have been safe Tory seats in the boundary review with incumbants retiring.

The boundary changes would not have meant the end of Nadine Dorries’ career as an MP. It would have made it less plain sailing but if she wanted to carry on she could have easily found a way. I’m as much of a Nadine dissenter as most of my fellow Lib Dems but in the grand schemes of things who really gives a stuff about what she says? She is an insignificant Tory backbench MP who gets more airtime than most because she’s controversial.

Boundary changes are a good idea but as presently constituted they weren’t ideal. Although I suppose getting them ideal would be a thankless nay impossible task. However having another voting system – maybe STV or maybe even PR would make everything a whole lot fairer but that isn’t happening. It is sad that we haven’t been able to deliver fairer votes but the country decided they didn’t want them because they were in a strop with the Lib Dems for not just being an ‘anti-Tory’ party. Shit happens.

However having a policy that is basically ‘Do watever to piss off Nadine Dorries’ whilst it sounds a lot of fun, isn’t exactly the sign of a grown-up party…

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Nadine Dorries 118 – Others 368

Need I say any more?

The Nadine Dorries amendment to the bill to put in ‘independent’ counselling for those considering an abortion got crushed. It was nowhere near as close as I expected. This pleases me.

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Nadine Dorries doesn’t like the Lib Dem influence on government policy. Diddums.

Nadine Dorries just asked a question in Prime Ministers Questions. Everyone inched forward on their benches. What would everyone’s favourite punching bag ask? Well she lamented the fact that the Lib Dems have too much influence on government policy and that the Prime Minister needs to tell the Deputy Prime Minister who is boss.

The house erupted with laughter. The Prime Minister tried to answer but was too busy laughing before stumbling with a short reply of ‘I think I’ll give up on that one’ and the house erupted again.

If the Lib Dems are pissing off the likes of Nadine Dorries then I think we as Lib Dems should rejoice. A lot of Lib Dems are extremely unhappy with what we are doing in parliament but when you take a step back you can see that without us then the government would be one of the most right-wing ones that we have seen in the last half a century. Our influence might not be getting this that we want but we are stopping the right-wing part of the Conservative party getting what they want and that is at this juncture just as important.

When Dorries asked the question Nick Clegg raised a smile. He looks so tired but for a brief moment he knew that he was doing something worthwhile. Of course whether or not the electorate will ever forgive him or his party (well when I say ever I mean in the next few years) is very much up for debate but stopping the right-wing nut jobs doing too much damage is something worth raising a toast for.

I know this isn’t an ideal situation for the Lib Dems but our influence is clearly being felt by the politicians within the Conservative party. All we need now is to show the electorate this but that might be a much taller order.

Edit: YouTube video uploaded and attached.

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Nadine Dorries is just a a conduit for God to use (with nice Adolf Hitler link)

Not my words folks. Her own. Yes just when we thought that Nadine Dorries had no lower to go when talking she goes and gets the Royal Flush of insaneisms (yes I know that isn’t a word but it really should be – its great).

Nadine Dorries God
I'm just a conduit for God to use

As you may have seen elsewhere as it has been bouncing around the blogosphere today, Nadine Dorries in an interview with The Salvation Army has said that she is only an MP because God decided that is how it should be. It has nothing to do with her or anyone else making a decision using their own free will. She is an MP because the puppet master that is God who is playing out her life for her (and I presume everyone elses) thought that if he had one of his people on the inside on backbench politics then it was a sure winner.

I would argue that if God wanted control then he’d use a better conduit – maybe the President of the United States, or the Prime Minister or whoever is in charge of Manchester City Football Club. They all have power and would be a much better conduit than a backbench MP who at the time was in opposition so not even in the government.

Using my so called logic I have to argue whether or not God made the decision that Nadine Dorries would become Nadine Dorries MP. I would say maybe the people on the Mid Beds panel decided that she was the best person for the job but I understand that as a non-believer I know nothing. I’m just a silly little boy with no understanding of the greater work that a being with the power to create a universe has in store for every single one of us.

If God really is a puppet master using people as conduits then I wonder why he got Nadine Dorries to go after a married man and then have sex with him causing the man to break one of the ten commandments. That doesn’t sound like something God would do. He wouldn’t put someone in a position to break one of his own commandments condemning them to Hell would he? Maybe I’m just being a tad cynical here and in fact there is a greater plan.

Look I hate the God defence has you cannot prove it one way or the other. If a defendant in court says that he murdered his family because God used him as a conduit then he would be laughed out of court and found guilty. You cannot use the God defence to justify anything and it doing so all you are doing is making it out that you are a superior person to others because God is using you.

You want to know something folks? Nadine Dorries is not a superior person. She is all flesh and blood like you or I. She makes her own decisions using free will. If she wants to say that it is all God’s work then so be it. If she wants to be delusional then that is her prerogative. The thing is we need to remember that it isn’t true and she cannot use the God defence for good when she also does bad.

We have been given the power and ability of independent thought. It is a wonderful thing. I think and hope we all use it and in her case she does but she hides behind her God line. Adolf Hitler once said, ‘Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.’ We knew he was wrong – so very wrong – no-one can justify what they do because it is the will of God. We do things because we feel it is the right thing to do. Whether what we do is right or wrong has nothing to do with God but to do with us and who we are.

Nadine Dorries has the same thoughts as Adolf Hitler that she is doing God’s work. It wasn’t right when he did it so is it right when she does it? That is only a question that she can answer but in conclusion I think it is fair to say that I disagree with her completely. You can believe in God and you can believe that he can influence you in your decisions in life but to say that you are doing God’s work and that you are just a conduit for him to use is just not believable. You have to take charge of your own life and whatever you do – you do – it isn’t because someone was using you or your body for their own will.

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Dr Evan Harris, David Allen Green & Chris Bryant are all sexist for being mean to poor Nadine Dorries.

Sometimes I look at these names and wonder how they sleep at night or even look at themselves in the mirror. I mean Dr Evan Harris is a former MP for pete sake, David Allen Green is a lawyer and Chris Bryant is a former man of God and even he is a sexist eejit. Going after poor Nadine Dorries. What has she ever done to them? I mean really guys you should all know better.

Oh hang on…my brain is calling, ‘what’s that? You mean that Nadine Dorries often talks out of her rear end and is a fair target of ridicule? Oh I did not know this. Maybe I should clarify what on Earth this blog post is going to be about. Thank you brain for the interruption’.

Earlier this afternoon during an advert break in Man v Food day I was pointed to read this blog post entitled Nadine Dorries is a victim of Lib-Lab sexism in which the author names the three people from the first paragraph and labels them sexist for one simple reason. They are against what Nadine Dorries is proposing on abortion to introduce a new ‘independent’ counselling service to women who are considering an abortion. They are sexist because they have targeted her and not a Labour MP Frank Field who is also backing the plan.

These three men have called Dorries ‘mad’ ‘illiberal’ and ‘misguided’ and that means they are sexist. Oh pur-lease. Look I have got into trouble for calling people illiberal in the past but I don’t think I’ve been called sexist because of it (been called many other things mind you) and calling someone mad is not sexist. If a woman called a man mad then would it be perceived as sexist? And misguided are you freaking kidding me? Anyone – and I do mean anyone – who thinks that calling someone misguided could ever be classed as sexism on its own is truly a snap crackle and pop of a tasty breakfast treat.

However that isn’t the most bullshit part of the blog post. Let me quote, ‘What is ‘mad’ about a policy which seeks to give women a real choice, which the ‘pro-choice’ lobby profess to support, while anyone with half a brain (who hasn’t been aborted) knows that ‘pro-choice’ is simply a euphemism for ‘pro-abortion’?

Well I have a whole brain. It don’t work so good but it is still there rattling inside of my skull. I am very much in the ‘Pro Choice’ camp and I’m going to stun you all now. That doesn’t mean I’m ‘Pro Abortion’ it means that I think that parents should have the choice. Of course thanks to the way biology is the female of the species will get the ultimate choice and even if a father wants to keep a baby but the mother doesn’t then the mother can terminate the pregnancy. Women will always get the final say.

There are plenty of unplanned pregnancies out there. I was an unplanned pregnancy. As far as I know only one of my siblings was wanted and planned. I could have been terminated but I wasn’t and I was brought up in a loving home and all was right with the world. However that isn’t the same for every unplanned pregnancy. Every single situation is different and not everything can be straitjacketed into the same legislation. I do think people should have the choice and get the proper advice.

On the surface these changes would be minor but how can people estimate that this would mean 60,000 less abortions each year. That means that Dorries and Field and anyone backing this bill believes that 60,000 people are having terminations even though they do not want to. It means that on 60,000 occasions these charities bully people into having a termination. 60,000 a year. That means what 5,000 a month, 1,000 odd a week and around 15 potential mothers each day coerced into an abortion just so these charities can get extra money.

Look I just don’t buy it. If that was truly the case then people would have come up and said this before. I have seen no Panorama on this or any newspaper investigation. If 60,000 people are terminating babies against their true will each year then someone would have said something. It reeks of a arbitrary number made up by those who are backing the bill to make it seem a bigger deal than it actually is.

Biologically I’m not going to have a kid. I have the old meat and two veg (not that I ever use them) so I’m rather unlikely to feel the changes if it goes down the way Dorries & Field want. Whatever happens though I think it’s of vital importance that no-one from either side put any pressure on anyone to make a decision without the full facts. Bringing a child into the world is quite possibly the biggest thing humans can do and it is the biggest commitment anyone can ever take in life. Even if a kid is unplanned they can be the biggest blessing in life but if they are unwanted then the future might not be so rosy.

However this goes down it will piss some people off. That is the nature of life. What I can say in conclusion is that these three gentlemen are not sexist for having their opinions of Dorries’ politics or personal traits and calling Dorries a victim of Lib-Lab sexism is the biggest misleading headline a blog post has ever seen – well maybe until this one – but this one was clearly sarcastic.

Pro Choice boys and girls. It is the way forward. Every potential mother deserves the best information and counselling that can be mustered. How we go about that I am not an expert but it doesn’t seem as though the status quo is terribly flawed.

Last but not least I do not consider any legislation that would make an abortion illegal as something I could even contemplate. I have a feeling plenty of right-wing folk would like this but this is not something I could even comprehend. The sight of girls languishing in American jails for having an abortion both sickens and repulses me. It scares me that some people can really think like this. It really does and that my friends (or foes – I have no idea who is reading this) is coming from the fingers connected to the brain of a kid who was brought up the son of a Methodist Superintendent so I know all about the church and what God says…

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