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Day: December 31, 2012

Hey Baby…I think I wanna marry you…

Romance. It is all a mystery to me. However some people are a little bit better than myself and they certainly have a lot of good friends and family who can help them out if they want to do a big gesture. I’m not entirely sure how this video passed me by in 2012 but it did and when I saw it last night I cried. I genuinely cried at the beauty of it.

Embedded below is a video of Isaac as he proposes to his girlfriend Amy.

To watch on YouTube so you can go full screen then please click here.

I watched it again today as I was writing this blog and I cried again – out of both eyes. If you can watch the above video without crying then I’ll be mightily impressed. If a stone-hearted cynic like myself blubs at romance then I’m pretty sure everyone would. I suppose it is just the sight of seeing genuine happiness and deep down we all love true romance no matter what we portray. We want to be happy and we love to see other people happy.

Amy’s reactions are just wonderful and how would anyone react to seeing all their friends and family take part in an event just for them?

Now the likelihood of me ever proposing is a long shot. The fact is I don’t believe in marriage and obviously the whole getting a partner thing is also an issue but if I did – and yes I know that is a big if – I would love to do something that was truly memorable. I’m sure any proposal is romantic and memorable but doing something truly out of the ordinary, original and special. Yeah that is how I’d like it to be.

Beautiful. I hope they have a long and happy life together. I truly do.

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