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Day: December 4, 2012

The Asda Christmas Advert – Is it Sexist? Is it heck.

I’m a bit late to the party here (and that isn’t the first time that has ever happened) but I just saw the Asda Christmas advert for the first time and my initial reaction certainly wasn’t ‘well that is a pile of sexist junk’ but more of a ‘I fancy the actress playing the mother in the advert – I think I’ll Google it to see if I can find out who she is*.’ Well I Googled and apparently the advert has created a sexism row based on the fact it showed a mother working hard to put Christmas on and how it is all worth it because she saw a contented family at the day of the advert.

Well I can see why people get annoyed but really what is there to get annoyed about? Maybe the father is entertaining the kids and family whilst she is cooking the dinner? I remember distinctly that my mum hated anyone else being in her kitchen when she was cooking and knowing a fair few females that isn’t a complete rarity. Kitchen’s are not usually a place for several people and voices. There are other scenarios though in the advert that people are getting upset over. It has been an interesting read.

Over in The Telegraph in is argued by a female writer that the overreaction is not justified. The Daily Mail didn’t really add much to the discussion apart from claiming the Fathers4Justice are considering a ‘turkey sit-in’ at Asda stores if the advert isn’t pulled. Yeah lads. Good one… Mumsnet has a thread which is hilarious.

If you haven’t actually seen the advert is question then please view below.

The thing is we all have a very different view of Christmas. We all have different Christmas experiences and memories. It is impossible for advertisers to cover every single eventuality in a single advert. The truth is one parent in the majority of cases will do more of the work than the other. This isn’t to do with sexist ideals but one will likely either not work, or live closer to home than the other and therefore has more time or whatever.

Some people have said that the fact she cooked dinner in an apron is sexist. I mean really? Aprons are actually pretty practical items of clothing. Now I hardly ever cook and when I do I don’t wear an apron but – and this is 100% true – when I am frying sausages I do because the fat spits out everywhere and it used to always spit all over my clothes. It is just practical and isn’t a sign of sexism if a woman cooking is wearing an apron.

I hope the furore has calmed down as advertisers don’t have an easy job. A e-petition has been set up but it has only received 116 signatures (at the points of writing) and I’m happy it has flopped so badly. They have 30secs (or a minute if a long advert) to tell a story. They have to talk to the people that are buying their products the most. If you are advertising jewellery then in general you are advertising to women. If you are advertising sports kit then you are predominately advertising to men. It is just the way it is.

There is no sexism row here. Would it be better if they showed the husband doing something to help? Yes it would but then same-sex couples would say they are getting left out and so we go on.

For those that enjoy Christmas enjoy it. I’ll just do what I always do. Nothing. Grump grump grump. At least I’m not grumpy enough to get my back up about something that doesn’t really matter though…

*I didn’t find out the actress in the advert – all Asda have said is she is a ‘real Asda shopper.’ Also I know it is hard to believe that I fancied someone who isn’t ginger but it goes to show that I don’t just go for gingers…

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