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Why I quite simply love Agony Aunt pages #109

I’m having my boyfriend’s baby… but I’ve also been sleeping with his dad‘ is the headline in the latest Dear Deidre piece in The Sun. Lets be honest here…a headline like that is going to clicked by me 100 times out of 100. I can’t get enough of it even though surely most of it is made up because some of the stories are so unbelievable that if someone really was having the problems they were purporting to have then I’d seriously worry about the human race – even more than I do normally.

Anyway lets look at this piece. I won’t copy and paste but if you want to read the whole thing then the link is up there. Basically a 25 year-old woman is having a relationship with a 26 year-old but she was having an affair with his 46 year-old dad because he was basically there and apparently he is much more caring than his son.

Yes this caring 46 year-old is sleeping with his son’s girlfriend whilst they are living under the same roof. Yes sounds like a real gem if you ask me. I’m pretty sure a dad shagging his son’s partner and having a prolonged affair is the very definition of caring. I’m sure I read that in my dictionary. It is either that or this woman has pretty much not got the defination of caring down to a tee (is it tee, tea or t?).

Now she’s pregnant but it is the boyfriends because the dad was away on business for six weeks so the timings don’t add up for him to be the father and she’s chosen to keep the baby but doesn’t know what to do. Luckily good old Deidre can – and does help.

I know you’re torn but you’ve decided to have your boyfriend’s baby so you owe it to your child to try your best to make your relationship work.

It’s bound to be torment sharing a house with his dad so really make an effort to find somewhere else to live before your baby is born. Meanwhile avoid being alone with him. He wasn’t too decent to have sex with his son’s girlfriend.

I have bolded that last bit for emphasis. That is surely the thing here. Now I know (and you know) that the father is an absolutely terrible father. Even if he did have feelings for his son’s partner he can’t do anything about them – certainly when they are still in a relationship. Heck even if it happened after they had split up it would be an decidedly iffy grounds. The father to be honest sounds like scum of the Earth – certainly not the caring chap that the woman in question believes him to be.

I don’t know how anyone could be so blinkered to believe that a father who is sleeping with his son’s partner is anything but caring. He might make you feel good but he’s doing something so very wrong.

So anyway yes. Just another reason why I love agony aunt pages. They make me feel better about myself. Maybe that is secretly what they are for? They might just be there to make us all feel as though our private lives could be so much worse. I am relatively sure any good, decent, caring fathers out there wouldn’t be doing the naughty with their son’s partner. Seriously I need to get over this but I just read that piece thinking ‘Are you freaking serious…?’ and lampooning the woman (if she exists and isn’t a figment of someone’s imagination) for being so stupid as to describe the dad as ‘caring’ it beggars belief.

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