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‘Plenty of Lib Dems (MPs) will join Tories’

In a move that will crush the spirits of most true Liberal Democrats it has emerged that plenty of Lib Dems are ready to jump ship and join the Tories before the 2015 General Election. This is the shock announcement that the Shadow Health Minister Jamie Reed MP made today. I know I’m as stunned as everyone but who are we do think that a Labour MP is going to lie and make up stuff for political reasons?

Jamie Reed MP tweeted at lunchtime:

Lib Dems say no to Labour but yes to the Tories
Lib Dems say no to Labour but yes to the Tories

So yeah no Lib Dems will join Labour. Not even the ones who are on the left of the party but ‘plenty’ are going to switch to the Tories full-time. Now I have to admit that I was sceptical when I first read this so I decided to do some investigative reporting and play detective. Otherwise known as I sent this MP a tweet…

Jamie Reed MP Tweet
I question his motives…

But don’t worry folks he replied and allayed all my fears:

MP do talk
MPs do talk!

I am now convinced. MPs do talk to each other and that bombshell has conformed the news in my eyes. Moves are already being made and feelers are being put out. With evidence like that I don’t think we need a justice system.

So there we have it. What a shocker for a rainy Monday lunchtime. Plenty of Lib Dems are going to join the Tories but none of them will join Labour. This isn’t conjecture. It is fact. Jamie Reed – the Labour MP for Copeland has spoken. Of course if this turns out not to happen then we have documented proof that he is a liar but that won’t happen. Now we wait to see how many Lib Dem MPs amount to ‘plenty’ – with what 57 MPs I’d say plenty would need to be at least 10% at a minimum so we need 5.7 MPs to move over for Reed to be proved correct and not shown up as a liar who was lazily throwing out a tweet for political reasons.

So who wants to guess at who these MPs who will leave the Lib Dems for the Tories will be?

I’ll start us off…

and I’m done.

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  1. Perhaps he’s thinking of Churchill. Though that was rather a long time ago.

  2. coldcomfort coldcomfort

    How could any left leaning anybody be so blind to the entire New Labour project from its inception until 2010 as to delude themselves that Labour is their spiritual home. Particularly after 1997 New Labour followed policies which left even Thatcher open mouthed. For starters: following Tory budget plans for the first two years; further de-regulation of the financial sector; a disgraceful extradition treaty with the USA; massive growth in top peoples remuneration; huge transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich; flogging off school playing fields; illegal war; grandiose defence projects at the expense of foot soldiers an so and so on for pages. New Labour was a Tory Party Mk2 & still is.

  3. Trevor Trevor

    To be fair Julian I think you mean wild speculation or speculation by Labour supporters. I think Neil is correct here.

  4. Oh, and if I was to suggest any I would start with those in the Cabinet.

  5. To be fair there has been speculation about the merger of the two parties. Left-leaning Lib Dems have left in droves already, so it is only the die-hards and right-wingers remaining. I can see a number crossing the floor.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Yeah has any real person actually written about a merger of the two parties or just random nobodies with no inside knowledge wanting to write something wild?

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