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Confirmation that The Sun’s politics people seemingly don’t know their arse from their elbow

Politicians. Yes those people. We all know about them and you’d expect the people that are paid to write about them ad nauseum would be able to tell a politician from someone who wasn’t a politician but seemingly those employed by The Sun to write about politics aren’t able to do such a thing. Before we get on to that though lets slag of The Sun a little bit more…

The Heroes and Villains of Westminster is one of the highlights of their political coverage. This week though the heroes of UK politics in the past week are the 12 MPs who pledged to vote against any vote to increase the price of petrol by 3p. Only one problem with this…it was a budget issue that was voted on months ago. There could never be a vote on this as it had already been voted on as part of the budget so these twelve heroes were basically not heroes at all. I could have pledged to have voted against any bill to increase petrol by 3p and been as much of a hero as I could’ve had as much influence on that subject as any of the twelve MPs.

Of course The Sun’s people knew this but that didn’t matter. All they cared about was their own spin on the story as they have been having a prominent campaign to keep the price of petrol down so this fit in well with their political spin and bias.

Now lets get on to the crux of the issue. The villain of the week was George Osbourne and that was no surprise and nothing to see here but wait – there is a footnote. What does the footnote say:

NOTE: In case you’re wondering, Barclays boss ‘Bob the Rob’ Diamond is sadly not a politician, or he would have beaten George to this unwanted accolade this week by a country mile.

So Bob Diamond had the villain of the week all sown up but the fact he isn’t a politician meant he wasn’t eligible. I’m sure he was gutted but that seems like a fair point in the ‘Heroes and Villains of Westminster’ section in the politics section of a newspaper but wait…who is that who won the villain of the week the previous week? Oh yes. It is that well known politician who masquerades as a comedian Jimmy Carr.

So Jimmy Carr is eligible but Bob Diamond isn’t because he isn’t a politician. I think it is fair to say that it doesn’t exactly add up. It seems as though they make up the rules as they go. The fact Jimmy Carr the previous week had been the biggest story is probably why they did it that way and if they want to have everyone eligible then fair do’s but how can a non-politician be eligible one week but not the next?

The Sun’s political team. They don’t know their arse from their elbow…

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