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In (quite) staunch defence of Adrian Chiles…

Anyone that knows me well enough to know that a career in the media industry will know a few truths about me; firstly that I once had a screen test for a TV company where upon I was told that it was the ‘best screen test they had ever had but that I didn’t have the face for it,’ they’ll also know that I prefer radio to TV and that writing is actually my least preferred medium. I like the pace of buzz of live action. They’ll also know that I have a few broadcast heroes and one of them is a very dull and grumpy Brummie. That man is now firmly in the marmite of TV presenters and in his case the prevalent winds are blowing towards the hate him category.

People of my age will remember what is was like being ill and off school. It was insanely boring. In 1994 though the BBC decided that they needed a lunchtime show on business and Working Lunch was born. The presenter was a relatively unknown man called Adrian Chiles and the rest as they say is history. Working Lunch was actually a very good programme and between Chiles and Adam Shaw it had a very good presenting duo.

For many years he happily fronted the show but then he started to get other gigs around the Beeb. He fronted the spin-off show to The Apprentice and then The One Show passed its trial run and became a staple part of the BBC’s Mon-Fri evening output as well as MOTD2. Chiles was a man on the move and everything was hunky-dory until the BBC decided that they wanted to tinker with The One Show and kick out Adrian on Friday’s because they wanted to appeal to a different audience. He left in a huff to ITV where he fronted the new breakfast show. It was never going to work as Chiles is not the type of guy you want to wake up to (no offence Adrian) but still there was The Adrian Chiles Show and the football.

I think he excels at both. He asks better questions of his pundits compared to his compatriots and whilst he may waffle a bit he shows genuine emotion whether it be happy or sad. In live sport I want a real person fronting everything and not someone with too much glaze on them which means real emotion doesn’t shine through. I see on twitter and social media so many people say hw awful he is but people like to complain. I have seen so many tweets about how awful Dermot O’Leary is presenting The X Factor so let me just say that in this era of social media it is so easy to slag off a famous person for anything.

Personally speaking I think Adrian genuinely does a bang up job or both presenting the show and portraying the mood of the public. Yes the adverts get in the way of his flow but such is life. Presenting on live television is not an easy gig and everyone thinks that they can do better. It really isn’t and I think people should lay off the Adrian hate. If they don’t want to join in the Adrian love-in then that is fair enough but just hating on him is not fair.

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