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Day: May 25, 2012

My feelings on the flag of St. George

This post is being written on my iPhone on the move so please excuse the typos

I’m sitting on a surprisingly cool train having had a great run through the underground and am actually thirty minutes ahead of schedule. I can hear three things. I can hear the air con which is mist certainly welcome. I can hear the tip tapping of the keypad as I have the headphones in and the reason I have the headphones in is so that I can hear Aggers and chums on Test Match Special although at the moment nothing is coming through as I’m on a train and trains often go through zones where there is no 3G. Sad times.

So anyway the point of this blog post. I was travelling between Upminster and Barking about an hour ago and I saw lots of flags in gardens and I kinda shuddered in a disapproving way and then I thought to myself why had I done this?

I suppose I don’t link the flag of St. George to anything good. I link the flag of St. George to the BNP and the people who are at best xenophobic and at worse racist. The union jack I still link to sport and am proud of. I shouldn’t feel this way and it saddens me that I do but I feel as though the flag of St. George is not a symbol of Englishness but in fact a symbol of people who dislike anyone who isn’t English.

I wonder how others feel when they see the flag of St. George flying from a car or from a window or even from a flag post in someone’s garden? Do they feel the same as me or am I abnormal and looking into this a wee bit too deeply?

The flag of England should be something that we are all proud of but to me it just a symbol of those who dislike foreigners and as someone who loves our multiculturalism then it is something that instead of helping my national pride in fact does the exact opposite.

The flag to me has become a symbol of all that is wrong with England instead of all that is right.

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