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Polls, Polls, Polls, Polls, Polls, Polls, Polls, Polls…UKIP third largest party in the UK.

UKIP are now the third most supported party. Dramatic news.

Whilst watching Arsenal play with nine men v Wigan this evening (seriously where were Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey) the bastion of politics The Sun were busy tweeting and boy they were tweeting something that will change the face of politics in the UK. It is so important I don’t think I can waffle on and can ignore typing it (well copying and pasting) any longer. No I seriously have to do it right now. Need to get the news out in case some people haven’t heard the news. So here goes…

BREAKING: Sun/YouGov poll tonight – UKIP overtake Lib Dems to be Britain’s 3rd most popular party. CON 32%, LAB 43%, UKIP 9%, LDEM 8%.

According to a poll UKIP have overtaken the Lib Dems and are now the third most popular party in Britain. This comes on the heels of the report 24 hours earlier that the Lib Dems will only have seven MPs after 2015. Not that if the poll they did has a uniform swing all over the country that is. It was a matter of stated fact. They even named the MPs who will lose their seat. The Sun are just kick arse at predicting the future.

If only Mystic Meg was right when she wrote that all Cancer’s would meet someone special. It never (expletive) happens Meg. I’m still single and if I meet anyone they’ll always find a reason for not dating me, they met someone else seconds before meeting me, they didn’t want to ruin a friendship with someone else, I’m the greatest guy ever but… yeah I’ve heard them all but damn you Mystic Meg you keep predicting the future and because your politics team can predict the future with such accuracy I’d presumed you’d be able to do so just the same.

And breathe and get back on track.

Here are the facts as I wrote earlier and they still haven’t changed:

*There is no General Election today.
*There is no General Election tomorrow.
*We are not even in a General Election campaign.
*Three years is a long time.
*Three years ago Labour were set to win another term.
*Three years ago had David Miliband challenged Gordon Brown and won then Labour would probably still be in power.

Things change.

Some other facts:

*People don’t necessarily vote the same way in the voting booth than they do on the phone to someone from YouGov.
*UKIP have no MPs. Come back to me when they have the third most in the House of Comons.
*We don’t have any type of PR. That kills UKIP at a General Election.
*We don’t have any type of AV. That kills UKIP at a General Election.
*In 1997 The Referendum Party polled the fourth most votes but got nowhere near a seat in the House of Commons.

Look I’m not saying people aren’t pissed off with the Lib Dems. A lot of people are. What I am saying is that national polls about a question that won’t actually be asked for three years aren’t exactly written in indelible ink. Things will change whether it is pro or anti any of the parties. UKIP may grow but those votes they will get won’t be from disaffected liberals but from disaffected Tories who are annoyed at the coalition.

I just don’t get why these stories are blown up out of all proportion. That is two in two days in The Sun that are showing just how screwed the Lib Dems are. These stories happen to be within three weeks of a local election and the London Mayoral elections. The timing as they say is suspect but it’s not like The Sun to do anything dodgy now is it?

John Prescott tweeted, ‘Go back to your constituencies and prepare for retirement #LibDead’ and just sums up what I hate about the old ways of politics. The old ways of politics is to not talk about your policies but actually just attack the other parties. I hate this. I despise this. Maturity and politics are two words that just don’t go hand in hand and that is something one day I hope we can change.

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  1. Greenfield Greenfield

    Keep buying The Sun andyj – I’m sure you find it an education.

  2. andyj andyj

    ..there is no fire cos I can only see smoke.. I have buried my head in the sand and my backside is getting awfully hot..but if I just ignore the warning signs things will be all right I am sure..

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