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The all new Cartier Advert – wow just wow – seriously that is something else.

As some of you may know I have an interest in advertising. I often watch adverts and wonder just how anyone could ever think that the adverts they created would ever help someone buy or use their product that they are trying to advertise.

However every so often an advertiser gets it bang on and whilst watching New Girl earlier I saw the new advert for Cartier watches. It is three minutes and thirty-one seconds long. Yes just one advert and it just blows the mind. Yes it helps that it features what I consider to be the most beautiful creature on the planet – no not Davina McCall or Sophie Ellis Bextor – but instead the majestic snow leopard.

I implore you to sit back, put in on full screen (if you can) and enjoy. If you don’t think it’s immense then I’d be very surprised.

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  1. Kay Kay

    Well said Sal and who cares if we can’t afford to shop there, just appreciate the stunning advert for its creativity and brilliance, the quality is better if you watch it on Cartier’s website and there are also some films showing behind the scenes, making of the advert and interview with the director.

  2. Kay Kay

    I have just come across cartier adverts on their website and this advert is simply stunning and the winter tale advert is so sweet with the cubs!

  3. sal sal

    The Ad for Cartier is the best Ad ever seen on TV, anyone beg to differ, obviously has no taste, so keep your negative smarky remarks for someone who really cares, you obviously have no taste.
    The Snow Leopard or Cheetah, is the most beautiful animal in the world, nothing compares to it.
    The Ad is of fab taste. Well done Cartier!


  4. Katherine Katherine

    Thanks for the blog and notes and this is a fab advert – only those with a lack of romance are missing the point. How I dream of diamonds….

  5. Francesca Francesca

    Personally I think this is a fantastic campaign. The opulence of it all astounds me, and it is true to the whole idea of Cartier as a luxury brand. I find the way that they introduce their products brilliant. The main reasons I find this successful is that it entices the audience to watch and it sticks in their mind. Just my personal opinion though.

  6. Hamza Hamza

    I totally agree with Graeme what has it got to do with a man slaying a dragon it was a leaperd not a man second of all the dragon is there to advertise china and show everyone that cartier is a world wide business. i think beverly woodhouse is in her own world what are you on beverly because that is sum strong s..t to get you in that state.

  7. simon simon

    You just have sat through it for 3 minutes

  8. Graeme Graeme

    this advert is awful. who is the target market for this? And…it’s got nothing to do with a ‘a man who will slay a dragon.’ It’s indicating the markets that cartier have conquered. The hoops they jump through – cartier bangles, it’s one of the brand’s signiatures. Terrible idea, terribly executed and arrogant to assume that anyone wants to sit through 3 minutes plus of this twoddle.

  9. Ian Stone Ian Stone

    I’m sorry, but I just think this is a complete pile of pants, confused and ridiculous concepts that fail to flow and leave you wondering what the !!!!! was that all about. A complete waste of a shed load of money.

  10. Absolutely the best ad I have ever seen. Shear beauty,romance, and a real adventure. May they do well with it.

  11. livs livs

    Very well said, it is an absolutely incredible advert…stunning!! But i just wanted to point out that it’s a panther not a snow leapard.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      If it isn’t a snow leopard then my heart has sunk a little bit. Whatever big cat it is though it really is truly beautiful.

  12. Steve Steve

    Beautifully crafted. Stunning. Shame that the whole point of the advert is to sell luxury in an increasingly unequal world where the beautiful and rich take the spoils. Can’t help but feel that we now have two worlds. One for those that have. And once for those that have not.

    If you shove your wealth and oppulence into people’s faces too often they are going to stop being aspirational and start being resentful.

    So 10/10 for the creativity and artistry and 0/10 for Cartier. Behaing with all the hubris of a senator during the last days of Rome.

  13. Eve Eve

    Very well read! I must confess, I didn’t read into it that much, but now I love it even more! You’re completely right, of course. What fantastic messages…

    I never was very quick at analysing art – was always afraid at school, of analysing it wrong, and so, chose not to try at all. I do it in my own mind – often try to understand a painting; but I usually see something nobody else does. I simply appreciate the beauty within, on most occasions.

    I shall certainly watch this advert in a different way next time. Brilliant.

  14. beverley woodhouse beverley woodhouse


    I was blown away too.

    What an absolutely fabulous adverisement! And what a powerful message it portrays.

    Every woman deep down wants a real man (not one that can be tamed, or controlled because then they lose their allure). But, she also wants one with a soft spot, that can connect with her on a emotional level.

    Someone who will go out their way to show her that he cares, and this is what the advert is saying.

    Wild horses can’t stop me (ok they were leased to a carriage…lol)
    I will jump through hoops
    I will slay the dragon
    I will travel all continents
    I wont let anything stand in my way and will use whatever means I can get to you.
    I won’t let time (the clock) or distance (Taj Mahal) stand in my way
    I’m wild, world travelled I’m a real man but I have a soft spot for you, I love you and will always come back to you.
    And I am bringing you a cartier diamond.

    To the man or woman who can afford, this will sell diamonds. Well done cartier! Powerful and it certainly spoke to me. Can they supply the man to go with it?..

  15. Eve Eve

    I completely, 100% agree. It’s amazing. So beautiful and so artistic. Just wonderful.

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