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The Rambles of Neil Monnery is back, faster, more reliable but not necessarily better

Hello All.

After several months of shall we call it fun and games with 123reg I have migrated my site to Evohosting and hopefully that should mean that the site won’t be down for several hours each day. I made the switch on Monday but these things take time to propagate across the Globe.

I had forgotten that moving my site would mean all my posts would disappear so I had quite a panic on Monday evening when I logged on to my website and the new version loaded up with a sole ‘Hello World!’ post. Luckily a few minutes later the ld site loaded up and I was able to export my posts and therefore all my posts since I started the blog are still on the site. All the URLs match up too so none of my links are broken. All my images were but I have sorted out some of them. Some on very old blogs I haven’t exactly got round too yet.

Also I forgot that I would lose all my stats. In a sad way I love looking back at what stories are most read etc.and starting from 0 after being at around 123,000 was a bit of a depressing sort. However despite Google saying it wasn’t possible when I put in my Akismet API key in it asked me if I wanted to transfer my stats over from another website. I said yes and hey presto all my stats were there. Also I now use WordPress stats and not Jetpack. I just didn’t like Jetpack and it never let me return to the old stats system. I am certainly not upgrading to Jetpack any time soon.

Also as part of this change on the blog I have dragged myself into the 21st Century. With my new hosting I have set up my e-mails to IMAP instead of POP and set up several e-mail addresses. Therefore all personal/work e-mail is now also accessible via my iPhone as both the and neil@neilmonnery addresses are now going into my iPhone as well. If you need/want to get hold of me you can e-mail me via the link in the right hand column.

So yes from now on hopefully this blog will not experience any more downtime. The content will still be the same. I mix of politics, news, sport, random stuff that flutters into my mind. I have transferred all the e-mail addresses who are subscribed over to the new blog and hopefully it has worked. If it hasn’t then please get in touch. You can sign up for e-mail alerts in the right hand column somewhere. You can also like the site on Facebook and all the posts will show up in your Facebook feed.

With that I shall end this blog. Keep smiling folks.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave any comments or contact me directly via the E-Mail Me link on the Right Hand Nav. You can stay in touch with the blog following me on Twitter or by liking the blog on Facebook. Please share this content via the Social Media links below if you think anyone else would enjoy reading.

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