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Take Me Out Girls 2012

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For pictures and details of all the new girls for the new series of Take Me Out starting Saturday 6 October 2012 on ITV1 click on the below link:

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Take Me Out is back on our screens and that means that for the next 12 weeks I will have 90 minutes of awesomely awful TV to watch each Saturday night. Once more Paddy is fronting the show in his own style and once more four men each week will come down that love lift to try and impress the flirty thirty to get a date on the love island of Fernando’s.

It was only episode one last week so it is hard for me to pick out my favourites yet as we don’t know much about their personalities. We all remember Daisy from series one who got a date on the final episode. She was just lovely. Also Welsh Aimee was a firm favourite. I was also very fond of Siobhan, loved Samantha and the tiny Emily was just wonderful. I must also say Karima, Josephine and Jo were all awesome too.

In series two the stars were Jo Jo and Lucy. I loved Jo Jo. She was amazing but there were plenty of others to root for. One of them being Dawn who is now engaged to the man she got a date with on the show which is all kinds of awesome. Others of note included Carol who seemed like a regular good lass and Luissa who was super smart and super attractive. A fairly good combination. Also I recall Kieney who was quite lovely and who could forget burlesque loving Samantha?

So on to series three and my early thoughts. In alphabetical order I am liking Carrie, Chloe, Ciara, Emma, Fleur, Grace, Hollie, Katy, Mimi, Sophia and Sophie. However they are just my early thoughts and no doubt over the next few weeks we’ll get to know a bit more about these girls and I know who to be rooting for to get a good date. Knowing me it is perfectly possible that i’ll change my mind as we get to see these girls personalities shine through.

Update: Ok after three shows now I have thought long and hard about my top three. Chloe is there without a shadow of a doubt. Hollie too. I thought long and hard about who else was up there and decided that Charlotte has grown on me a lot and Ciara is clearly lovely and Grace is just stunning but I’ll say Charlotte for now. All three I think just seem like downright nice and decent people. Of the new girls then Mollie is easily my favourite.

Update II: To see possibly the best ever Take Me Out moment then please follow the hyperlink to watch the video as Chelsea ‘wins’ a date with Damion…

To have a look at all the girls who started on the show with guy one on episode one please look below. Please feel free to comment on the blog about the girls and the show.

So without further ado and as Paddy says ‘Bring on the Girls’

Bainsey Take Me Out 2012
Bec Take Me Out 2012
Bianca Take Me Out 2012
Carrie Take Me Out 2012
Cate Take Me Out 2012
Charlotte Take Me Out 2012
Chelsea Take Me Out 2012
Chloe Take Me Out 2012
Ciara Take Me Out 2012
Emma Take Me Out 2012
Fleur Take Me Out 2012
Grace Take Me Out 2012
Gracie Take Me Out 2012
Holly Take Me Out 2012
Jade Take Me Out 2012
Joanna Take Me Out 2012
Katy Take Me Out 2012
Leah Take Me Out 2012
Lizzy Take Me Out 2012
Lucy Take Me Out 2012
Mimi Take Me Out 2012
Nicki Take Me Out 2012
Roxy Take Me Out 2012
Sarah Take Me Out 2012
Sophia Take Me Out 2012
Sophie Take Me Out 2012
Steph Take Me Out 2012
Toni Take Me Out 2012
Wen Take Me Out 2012

All photos copyright ITV and have been used for publicity purposes.

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  1. danyal danyal

    charlotte is very beautiful she is my number one on take me out i wish i went on a date with her any one no if she is single still

  2. Rikki Rikki

    I can’t believe that solicitor didn’t choose Danielle last week in the final two, madness. Does anyone know Danielle’s full name as I can’t find anything out about her:(

  3. sophiea sophiea

    i love u sophiea will you friendship with me..

  4. harvjoy harvjoy

    Surely worth watching, but Nicki will take some beating,will give you a look anyway to see who the favourite is,till then keep one eye on the totty[my lifetimes hobby,most of it done from the front seat of a fire appliance,there’s always one hanging around most town centres,now you know why],thanks for all your hard work.John.

  5. harvjoy harvjoy

    Lucky fella,really pleased for her,she came over as a fun loving but down to earth gal,did send her a message saying how disappointed i was for her not being picked and she replied,which showed she’s got time for people,hope the guy is right for her and doesn’t let her down,she deserves the best,take care Neil,won,t have any reason to use your site again,will still watch the repeats though,she’s addictive,good luck John.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      cheers fella. Glad you have enjoyed the blog/debate. They’ll be another blog post come the next series though…

  6. harvjoy harvjoy

    Bad news,repeats are on,means sitting up till 0100,or this week 0200,just for more glimpses of Nicki,surely she must get picked this time,the boneheads can’t repeat history,can they.Its all real because its in colour.Perhaps some of the males on the show are watching the repeats’if so they will realize what a massive ****up they made by not selecting this complete and utter babe,she must be special,got me commenting on Neils site instead of getting some urgently needed beauty sleep,oh well can catch up when the repeats are done,well done by the way Neil,your logical approach to dealing with some of the numbskulls on here deserves some praise.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Cheers mate. I am happy to say that Nicki is now in a relationship and is extremely happy. The Take Me Out boys missed out but one lucky guy did not…

  7. wendy wendy

    i watch your show and was sooo surprise to see a friend on there i have not seen in YEARS..SUKI* i really hope you read these emails.i have look for you on fbook..everywhere you can imagine..please get in touch with me…i could not believe daughter call me and told me to turn on george lopez..god knows i would find you again one day..hope you read this message..

  8. EllH EllH

    @takemeoutgirlsusafox2012 when does the American series start?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      The series started last Thursday and is on FOX on Thursday’s at 8EST – so 1AM BST on Friday morning.

  9. […] my successful blog on the Take Me Out Girls UK 2012 I thought I would bring you the Take Me Out USA girls. From the publicity shots from FOX my early […]

  10. Rachel Rachel

    Does anyone know where the dress that Danielle wore on the final take me out episode is from. Its a dress that she wore in the evening for her champagne picnic and it was cream tunic style with long sleeves with embroidery or lace cut outs on the sleeves and hemline. It looked beautiful on her.

  11. EllH EllH

    Any news yet? How do you know all the girls.
    EllH. :s

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      No news. I don’t know all the girls. I know a few and have spoken to a few more. Several of them got in contact with me due to this blog post as they have pretty much all read this at some point or the other over the past three months…

  12. curtis curtis

    How can i get in touch with roxi and thanks again neil but how do you know so much lol ??

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Only contact details I can pass on for Roxi is via twitter I’m afraid – @Roxi_TakeMeOut

  13. EllH EllH

    Neil, Do you know the Kate I’m talking about now? She appears on the right hand side of Merlisa and has blonde hair. Have you talked to Bec yet? Thanks again :).

  14. Jon Jon

    I’d say Jamie from Week 12 was one of my favourites. She seemed to have a really good mix of looks and a fun personality. She went on the date with the guy that taught scuba diving abroad for several months of the year, and he was a bit out of order to her, which she didn’t deserve.

  15. Ft Ft

    Any info on merlissa?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Merlisa in her own words…

      Hello! My name is Merlisa Jayne.

      I’m 23 years old, a Scorpio, a mother, a sister, part german, old-fashioned, intelligent, passionate, nerdy, vindictive, artistic, sexual, impulsive, sharp-tongued, romantic, indecisive, spontanious, polite, accident prone and very stubborn.

      The Victorian era, poetry, antiques, mythology, blue roses, religious art, singing, acting, lust, passion, hot baths, biting, romance, nature, snow, long walks, storms, mystery, revenge, kisses, lace underwear, long eyelashes, long hair, candles, castles, strong-minded people, accents, Ludovico Einaudi, creativity, horror, Yiruma, teacups, honesty, loyalty, affection, self-respect, Earl Grey tea, tattoos, writing, travelling, modelling, being true.

      Liars, beards, jealousy, push-overs, olives, modern decor, racists, religious preachers, selfishness, back-stabbers, Lady Gaga, airheads, Hello Kitty, sleaze-bags, dirt, sluts, cheats, cowards.

      You can like her on Facebook at – or follow her on twitter @MerlisaJayne

  16. curtis curtis

    Hi neil is roxi still single??

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      As far as I know – yes Roxi is still single.

  17. EllH EllH

    Thanks, Neil. Unfortunatley I don’t have Twitter so could you tell me if Bec is single or just pass on to her my love. Cheers.
    EllH ;).

  18. EllH EllH

    Can I get som responses to my questions? Thanks.
    EllH. 🙂

  19. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Leah looked amazing on the show last night
    What is Leah’s surname ?
    How can i contact Leah ?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Leah Scarpati

      She is on twitter at @Leah_TakeMeOut and interacts with her followers quite a lot compared to others.

  20. EllH EllH

    I can’t believe it’s all over… A good show to look forward to, with a funny presenter, lots of fun and obviously really hot girls. Luv goes out to Lucy, Bec and Kate, you kept my life on track. A special thanks to girls like Gracie and Charlotte who made the show so enjoyable to watch and made my day with your cute smiles :). At least I’ve got the last episode recorded which I STILL haven’t seen :(. Hopefully it was good.

  21. Wanking over chealsa

  22. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Gracie Wowzer shes so pretty & sexy

  23. ruby ruby

    what the missing answer and i dont like gracie but she is sweet

  24. ruby ruby

    everyone can atleast chat 2 us reply

  25. ruby ruby

    me 2 lucy and so im goin 2 miss the girls

  26. lucy lucy

    paddy im goin 2 miss u xxxx

  27. lucy lucy

    did u all wtch the gossip it was boooom man and 2dayz dah last of series

  28. lucy lucy

    bambos is so fit

  29. EllH EllH

    Do you know the last name of Kate? She’s quite new I think, blonde and has a small resemblence to Chelsea. She’s also the girl next to Paddy when he wore the Mexican hat and flowery necklace a few weeks ago. I think she’s really hot and in my top 3 with Lucy and Bec. RVSP.
    EllH 😉

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I haven’t seen the latest two shows yet as life has been rather hectic so I can’t help you on Kate as yet but the other two I can.

      Lucy Harrold. She’s a professional model and can be found at

      Bec is on twitter at @Bec_TakeMeOut

  30. EllH EllH

    I really fancied Bec aswell, I know she’s left the show but to know more about her too would be awesome. Go Bec and Lucy!
    EllH 🙂

  31. EllH EllH

    I really want to know about Lucy. I think she’s really nice and glad she turns her light off because I would hate to see someone I love go off with another bloke. Just want to get to know her, any help? Thanks
    EllH. 🙂

  32. liam liam

    I would like the chance to get to know nicki, I watch the show every week and wish I had the chance to take nicki out. What a beautiful woman she is can anybody help haha

  33. Arron Arron

    Great. Thankyou very much.
    Little Amy Winehouse looking…


  34. Arron Arron

    Neil. Could you tell me the name of a girl that’s currently on the show. The brunette with either a lip or nose peircing and a tattoo across her chest. If you have any link to photos that would be even better.
    Thanks 🙂

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Hi Aaron,

      Off hand that description doesn’t ring a bell but I haven’t seen last weeks episode yet. When I sit down and watch it I’ll try and work out who you mean and if possible I’ll pass on her details if she’s willing to be found as it were…

  35. Bash` Bash`

    Would love to get in touch with Emma S, seems so funny and down to earth, obviously she’s beautiful but bet she’s cracking on a night out. Could anyone help me with her surname?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Hi Bash,

      Yes I do and as she seems to be happy to found and contacted I’ll pass it on. She is Emma Sharrock – 19 years old and she describes herself as a ‘student, singer and model’ and is from the Greater Manchester area.

  36. harvjoy harvjoy

    Forgot to mention last night,Nicki apparently admires Erin O,connor and dislikes people who kill spiders,a lady with impeccable taste and bravery[bet the rugby player from Norwich is scared of spiders],not to mention a keen set of morals, what a girl,she,s even got me watching that old tripe Corrie hoping for another glimpse,in the words of Phil Lynott she,s driving the old men crazy.

  37. harvjoy harvjoy

    I,m 64 happily married,but I still consider that I can spot a classy lady at 200 metres,or in this case 200 miles,Nicki is head and shoulders above all the others,and several of the muppets have turned her off[thank god for that,as she returns the following week].As an original 1960,s mod,her style appeals immensely to me.She is a cracking model[yes I have taken the unprecedented step of checking out her portfolio],and she appears to be a down to earth,hard working girl,if I ever get round to writing that novel,Nicki is going to be all over the dust jacket,stunning is my final word.

  38. Jonathan — I too am from Huddersfield. It’s quite a big town, haha. You gonna knock on every door? Or will you wander around the town centre and shout her name out until she answers (or you get locked away)?

    We should, like, meet up and discuss a plan of action. And by discuss a plan of action I mean get drunk and talk about the hotties on Take Me Out!

  39. Jonathan_2-2 Jonathan_2-2

    GRACIE GRACIE GRACIE! I actually fancy the little dress off of you! you are … Absolutly, most Definatly,without a shadow of a doubt, THE most Amazing girl i have ever, partially known. love her so much. She can hold it together in any situation, looks amazing, and very down to earth. Which showed last week, with her straight telling jit , that she would like to remain friends and not to continue dating him. she is definatly my favourite..
    It’s sad that she’s gone, i’ll miss her , and so will the rest of us…… but it leads me to a moral dilema,.. i also am from Huddersfield, do i try and contact her? Or am i just a stalker? Lol ..i’m not a stalker obviously, but i would look like one… Hmmm..
    What do i do?
    Neil, first let me what you do here, great idea keep it up.

  40. Randy Randy

    Just iPlayered this weeks episode….

    Can someone please explain to me how on earth that bloke who had Cony in the last two, ended up NOT picking her? What an amazing unexplainable fool – he’ll be kicking himself back from Ferndandos for that.

    End of transmission.

  41. tin tin

    hi what is lisa last name she was the last two today on the show

  42. she dresses nice aswell

  43. lucys nice like any other girlthere

  44. jimmy jimmy

    fair point neil, still, idiots like him don’t deserve to be on a civilised site like this, and @paul i know, i quite liked it myself XD

  45. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    @jimmy Your right merker is a prick
    I like what you said to merker lol when you learn how to spell, then you can return to this website 🙂

  46. jimmy jimmy

    also at merker, i EXTREMELY doubt lucy would fall for a prick like you, and how old are you like 6? when you learn how to spell, then you can return to this website

  47. jimmy jimmy

    @paul gallacher, agreed, anyone else agree? surely… oh yeah and i didn’t mean that charlotte was desperate in a bad way, i get what you mean neil, besides, she was my favourite! i wasn’t meant to say it in a bad way but now looking back, it kinda does

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I knew once merker’s comment was published that a few of you would round on him. I think it’s clear he is a wind-up merchant. The username ‘merker’ says a lot…

  48. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Hello merker, You are so funnny because i believe you would do the same thing as your saying (In your words) these bunch of sad lonely men would do
    Didnt you meen lonely not loney ? lol
    Also didnt you meen you are & not u r ? lol
    There are words to disctibe you
    A Sad 2 Faced Lonely Muppet

  49. merker merker

    wot a bunch of sad loney men u r, ohh i love this 1, she is so pretty ,i wish that girl was mine id treat her like a princess. i would inhale that 1s farts, ur all so desperate which means ur a bunch of ugly gits who cant get a girl so i highly doubt any of the fit 1s wud go anywer near u. i used to date lucy off the show and have spunked all over that gorgeous face and big breasts, bet ur rubbin urselfs just finkin bout it, go ring babestation u sad men

  50. j j

    Wats sophies full name or any details?

  51. alex bache alex bache

    i am sexy

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Not exactly sure what to make of the previous comment but if you say so…

  52. K K

    With Gracie, Stephanie and Charlotte gone I don’t know who Paddy will turn to for that funny quirky comment that the audience loves!

    Cony is still the best looking girl there though, but i agree with the comment about Sophie though, overall the best mixture of looks and personality!

  53. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    Charlotte was/is not desperate. She just didn’t get put off by little things.

  54. j j

    Any info on jo from devon?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I do have all the info about Jo from Devon but I can’t see her publicly looking for any publicity so I won’t pass on the info I’m afraid.


  56. j j

    What about jo from devon?

  57. bob bob

    I love Nicki, She is bang tidy

  58. jimmy jimmy

    is it me or was charlotte a bit to desperate, alot of people would desperate for her! man was she cool 🙂 gonna miss her

  59. curtis curtis

    So roxi love and the toni im talking about if u scroll up shes got thr gold dress on and she dates the belfast guy lol……and thank you very much

  60. Tyler Tyler

    charlottes gone om not going to watch no more … FACT!

  61. Michael Michael

    Can’t believe Sophie was not picked earlier. She is by far the prettiest and seems a really nice girl too.

  62. curtis curtis

    Does anyone know toni the blonde ones surname wow shes sooooo hott!!

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Toni is courting attention so it is fair to reveal her surname as it’s out in the public domain openly – she is Toni Anwyll.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      As for the blonde ones surname – need you to be a tad more precise on that one!

  63. curtis curtis

    Does anyone know roxi surname??

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Also Roxi’s surname is out in the public domain – Roxi Love bizarrely enough.

  64. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I could not agree more about Gracie 🙂

  65. Darren Darren

    Hands down.

  66. Waz Waz

    Joana n chelsea gotta say they gorgeous 🙂

  67. Jimbob Jimbob

    She have a fans page on fbook. Asmuch as I’m not really one for that kinda rubbish. Just a shame I didn’t get on the show. Instead of loads of muppets given the chance.

  68. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    What is Gracie’s surname ?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Same with some others – she’s not courting any attention so it wouldn’t be right to pass on I’m afraid.

  69. Jimbob Jimbob

    What’s charlottes surname. Amazingly stunning lady. Down to earth and looks a charm to get to know. Would love to meet her. Straight up 🙂

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I do know Charlotte’s surname but she isn’t courting any publicity so best not to pass on. However you can tweet her at – @Charl_takemeout

  70. James James

    Really pleased Charlotte has got a date. She is absolutely gorgeous in looks and personality. I would have picked her in week one. Hope the date goes well for her. I think they could be really well suited. Will miss seeing her though…

  71. Tin Tin

    Hi I’m just wondering if anyone knows Lisa last name she the new girl on 3/3/12 show I’m sure I went to school with her

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I don’t remember Lisa so can’t look up her surname I’m afraid as I don’t remember what she looked like.

  72. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Gracie is my fav, she is pretty, sexy, funloving & down to earth (my ideal woman)

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Yep Chloe and Charlotte gone. Not sure who I’m rooting for now. Didn’t see Bronagh tonight so is really quite nice. I like Emma too.

  73. Gary Gary

    Charlotte and Gracie r by far the best in all take me out series and am surprised they haven’t got a date yet 🙂

  74. harry harry

    charlotte is so beautiful

  75. ? ?

    update the picture! I LOVE BECCA

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Ok I am falling a little bit in love with Charlotte.

  76. Cony Fan Cony Fan

    Have you got a pic of Cony? I really love her hair, she’s so pretty and can not find a pic of a similar cut anywhere.

  77. Becky Becky

    I don’t look like her at all, it just happened I was wearing glasses that day which are similar to Gracie’s.

  78. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    I do but I’m afraid she has a new boyfriend called Josh so isn’t on the market any more.

  79. Gary Parker Gary Parker

    Does anyone know what Lizzy`s surname is ?

  80. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    @HowHasLizzyNotGotPickedYet I didnt say anything about the other women on the show apart from Gracie
    There are other women who are attractive on the show like Charlotte & Lizzy
    We all have are own opinions so we are not going to agree on who is the hottest woman on the show

  81. HowHasLizzyNotGotPickedYet HowHasLizzyNotGotPickedYet

    @Paul Gallacher for one single little moment, and with a straight face can you honestly say Gracie is hotter than Lizzy, let alone half the others? ARE YOU CRAYZEE….

    Cony is three times as hot for starters bruv.

  82. cony cony

    ok thanks

  83. cony cony

    hey just want to say that cony is stunning is she on twitter

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      She is indeed – @Cony_TakeMeOut

  84. Becky Becky

    Some woman at work actually asked if I was on Paddy’s show. She genuinely believed I was Gracie, I don’t watch TMO though so I had to Google her.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      If you look and act like Gracie then you’ll probably get one or two date offers from this lot…

  85. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I think your comment HowHasLizzyNotGotPickedYe
    is crap & i think you need glasses, you blind puppet
    Gracie is So Pretty & Sexy
    I deffonately would pick Gracie if i went on the show

  86. HowHasLizzyNotGotPickedYet HowHasLizzyNotGotPickedYet

    Gracie stunning? Huh? My ITV coverage has Gracie as the stumpy eccentric northerner with the glasses on. Is there another Gracie that is new?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      That won’t be popular around here. I can say that Gracie is the most googled girl from the show…

  87. peter peter

    ho my god gracie is stunning i would all night long
    she reall is my cup off tea

  88. David David

    What is jades surname ??!

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery


    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      PS: For all the Gracie lovers she is on twitter now but her account is protected so I’m not sure if she is wanting to hear from fans or not. @Gracie_TMO – I’m guessing she might be having TMO is her username so you can but try.

  89. Paul Paul

    My 3 Favorites on the show, Chartlotte Chloe & Gracie
    have got Gorgeous Smiles, Nice Eyes & Awesome Personlaities

  90. Nabil Nabil

    Fleur is just a natural beauty! wonder how she ended up on a date with the red bow!!
    I think she got her own style n she is definitely the most charming on the show! such a shame she is gone now.

  91. Skye Skye

    Bec is the most sexy girl in take me out. If Bec see’s this message, call me babez.

  92. WillS19878689 WillS19878689

    I am thinking about applying and auditioning for the show and if i get through and i can sing in one of the rounds to the beautiful ladies i will , especially to Danielle Williams though if she comes back on. Danielle is the girl i want because where from the same town and i would always look after her and treat her like a real princess. So when or if she ever she goes back on i might apply and hopefully get through so i can win her over lol.

    By the way she knows my two mates (who are brothers)sister so if i ever get the oppertunitie to meet her , i will ask her on a date and hopefully she will say yes.

    I love Danielle Williams

  93. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Can any of the other women on take me out be contacted on twitter ?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Paul – I’d say half the women are on twitter. Some interact with viewers of the show more than others but a good percentage of them are on twitter.

  94. Stephanie H was by far the best girl on take me out

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Charlotte is on twitter at @Charl_takemeout – You can contact her via that.

  95. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I would love to be the lucky guy who dates Pretty Graciep

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I do know Gracie’s surname but she hasn’t given off any inclination that she wants any fan mail so I won’t pass it on. Sorry guys. If this changes then I’ll pass it on.

  96. where exactly is gracie from or her last name and i agree with Ov

  97. Ov Ov

    Gracie is my fav, the one getting her will be a lucky guy.

  98. Neil,

    We do the more risqué shots of some of the take me out girls including Steph Hodson, Steph Roberts, Sara Beverley Jones and Toni Anwyll (the latter 2 I’ve just designed websites for. Feel free to use any of the pictures off our blog, a lot have been sold to publication, infact there is a big feature of Toni in this tuesdays (28th Feb) nuts magazine.

  99. cameron lyth cameron lyth

    Does anyone know her?Niel how bout you?

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I’d afraid I haven’t spoken to Lucy but I do know a fair bit about her. Not entirely sure why she is on the show as she is a professional glamour model. I think she may well have been brought in by producers to add a spice of glamour.

      You can contact her by snail mail at:

      Lucy Harrold c/o Reg Heath
      ImageRed Studios
      Unit 60 Mill Lane Trading Estate
      Mill Lane
      B78 3QD

      She does have other contact details but would prefer all fan mail as it were to be sent via snail mail.

  100. cameron lyth cameron lyth

    Lucy nearest to the elavator on the right is as.i love her cos she is so pretty and fit i am in love. ;D she is deffinately my kind of woman. i just wish i could get in touch..

  101. cameron lyth cameron lyth

    Lucy nearest to the elavator on the right is as.i love her cos she is so pretty and fit i am in love. 😉

  102. The problem with a programme like this, and the number of women involved, is that you don’t really get a feel of what a woman is like unless Paddy talks to her a few times and/or if she goes on a date and you get to see how it went.

  103. lee cych lee cych

    is the hottest and she is also nice

  104. Gary Parker Gary Parker

    How can i contact Niki from the latest series ?
    She is dazzling and oozes so much beauty and what would i give to meet her ^_^

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Hi Gary,

      I have passed on your message to Nicki. I have no idea if she’ll get in touch but she did say that she loved the ego boost on a Monday morning!

  105. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Looks like Pretty & Sexy Gracie has a few admires incuding me – she is deffonately girlfriend material

  106. martin martin

    Wow gracie is so hot wot I wouldn’t give to meet her !!!

  107. Andy Andy

    Gracie and Fleur are fit as!

  108. firefighter chris firefighter chris

    charlotte, you are so gorgeous, i’d love to date you, i’ll see you on the show 😉

  109. Jason C Jason C

    Will there be a Picture of Jade soon she is gorgeous

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      They only send out publicity shots of the original flirty thirty I’m afraid so any photos of girls not amongst those are hard to track down. I’ll see what I can do.

  110. MrFrench07 MrFrench07

    Chloe is stunning! Would be an easy choice for me out of ALL the girls ive seen on take me out! If you read this please message me lol

  111. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I think Charlotte is Beautiful
    It looks me that all you can do Don Juan De Marco
    is put nasty comments about Charlotte on here
    Your A Sad Little Muppet

  112. Don Juan De Marco Don Juan De Marco

    Do you think you can’t do better than Charlotte or what? Look at her pic again, it’s a possessed hamster for gods sake.

    If brunettes are your type, cool. But do you seriously think she’s better than any of Carrie, Joanna, Lizzy, Lucy or Sophia? 100% Bizarre, if so.

  113. Vinni Vinni

    Charlotte is my cutie.. She’s naturally beautiful. I’d do anything to talk with her

  114. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Charlotte is a stunner

  115. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    That is a nasty comment about Charlotte
    Don Juan De Marco
    Charlotte is really pretty with a gorgeous smile nice eyes, shes a brunette also very sexy, classy & feminine

  116. Don Juan De Marco Don Juan De Marco

    Are we all talking about the same Charlotte here? She still there because she is quite plain, and looks like The Joker’s secret lovechild.

    Emma S, the curly redhead on the right (where is her pic on here?) who always turns her light off, now she is hot. Classy, sexy and doesnt look like a munchkin.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      The reason Emma S’s pic isn’t up on here is she wasn’t a member of the original flirty thirty as from episode one.

      Also Charlotte might not be breathtakingly gorgeous but she seems like a real person and someone you would honestly enjoy spending time with.

  117. James James

    How dont you get the fascination about Charlotte, she is absolutely gorgeous, she seems quirky which is cool. That would keep me entertained 🙂 How she is still there I dont know

  118. Frankie Frankie

    Where is chelsea from? She looked amazing on her date, gorgeous!

  119. Chloe Chloe

    Does anyone know where Cates maxi dress that she wore for her date on fernandos?

  120. Sian Sian

    Can someone tell me where chealseas red crossover dress that sh wpro on tmo gossip is from ??? I need it !! Xx

  121. Alex Alex

    does anyone know where Lucy A (not listed above as she wasn’t an original girl) dress is from? its the turquoise one with sequins all over the shoulders and top of the dress.

  122. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    It’ll be a brand new flirty thirty.

  123. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Will there be new women in the next series or the same women left from the this series ?

  124. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Thanks for tell me

  125. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    This series has already been filmed in it’s entirety so won’t be until the next series which’ll be filmed in the early winter.

  126. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    How long after filling out the form do you get onto the show ?

  127. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    I am loving the support for Chloe and Charlotte here.

  128. Daaaave Daaaave

    Love Toni she oozes glamour, very pretty and a stunnin figure. Lizzie, Lucy and Sophia are gorgeous too. Joanna would make my top 5.

    Dont get the fascination with Charlotte at all, her oddness would get on your nerves after an hour. Then all your are left with is THAT grin.

  129. stevenlobel stevenlobel

    yeah charlotte would be mine too james

  130. James James

    Charlotte is absolutely stunning 🙂 Would be my first choice by miles

  131. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Chloe is amazing looking 🙂

  132. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I dont get why Damion said Lucy was his favorite
    Im sure the other women didnt feel so great after that Damian zip it lol

    Chole omg wow shes a stunner with a gorgeous smile, nice eyes & sexy slim figure 🙂

  133. Fred Fred

    I thought Damion was a bit of a prat, but the girls can’t complain, it was just a taste of what they always do to the blokes.

    Still, I’m glad Chloe turned her light off. She’s the nicest one, but probably needs a less confident bloke!

  134. Some of these girls are georgeous, i really would like to go into business with them and make a calender 😉

  135. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Charlotte is gorgeous & always looks like she is having alot of fun on the show

  136. Good taste, my man. It’s not just her looks though. It’s how enthusiastic and fun–loving she comes across as well. That’s really attractive.

  137. I lovr charlotte. So gorgeous!!!!!

  138. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I thought that Damian was the lowest of the low what he did & fun enough it backfired on the arrogant fool

    If pretty Chelsea wanted to date me, i would not say no also i would treat her like a lady so she felt like a princess with the romance i would give her

  139. I actually felt sorry for her and Steph H(?), and it was hilarious when Judi turned off her light to prevent Damian doing it or pretending he was going to. More sorry for Chelsea because she ended up with him.

    I know what he was trying to do — be funny and try to appeal to women using negative hits (“Oh, you turned your light off? Well I WAS gonna pick you…”) but it backfired on him terribly. Then he ended up digging himself in ever deeper.

  140. Frankie Frankie

    Hey I really like chelsea who went on a date with damion tonight! Any chance of getting in touch with her? Really would love to have my chance of a date!

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I haven’t seen Chelsea anywhere in the Social Media sphere so I’m afraid your chances are slim unless you know her personally.

  141. micky micky

    their last names are not shared on here so how would they come up in a google search on here?? blonde jade lives near me and id love to see her out on the town! so if she does read then get intouch

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Quite simple – search for ‘take me out (insert name here)’ and they pop right up. Also just google ‘take me out girls’ and this blog is #1. That is how several have found this.

  142. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I was talking generally about all the women on the show

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      I wouldn’t but they google themselves and this site is very high in google for all the search terms. This blog had seen nearly 25,000 views in the past three weeks or so. I suspect though none of them will be accepting any proposals via here somehow…

  143. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    I think the women from the show would read this page so they know what us men think of them

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      Just for the record I know at least a few of the girls have read this as they have got in touch with me…

  144. connor connor

    Blonde jade absolute stunner I may not be a skin head but would defo like to take you out what do u reckon girl 😉

  145. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    There are a few pretty women i like on the show
    Bec, Charlotte, Chelsea, Chloe, Fleur
    Hollie, Katy, Mimi, Sophia &
    My Fav is Gracie because she is pretty, sexy
    & down to earth 🙂

  146. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    Thanks Mike for your comment
    I would not complane if Gracie lived in my hometown
    because shes natually pretty

  147. mike mike

    no paul is not dumb ray- i also like gracie i like her accent, shes natural/ not overly made up or fake and shes charming

  148. G G

    Leah, what a corker!

  149. Ray Ray

    Oooh i saw your show and im so in love, can you arange a meeting, flipping wasteman james does this look like a dating service, if u was interesting enough you would have been picked. Wasteman.

    Callum, go and rub one out.
    Paul, Gracie, seriously, are you dumb?

    Ray out.

  150. Paul Gallacher Paul Gallacher

    i have been watching the show & i like Gracie, she is so pretty & sexy – she is deffonately my type of woman Is there any chance i could be on the show ?

  151. please may I Have sarah s mobile number please sarah with Blonde hair

  152. james tylor james tylor

    i saw your show and saw roxy, i think shes stunning i really felt sorry for her after jermine let her down she definitly my type of lady im looking for is there any chance you could get me the chance of meeting her??

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