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Day: January 12, 2012

Take Me Out Girls 2012

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Take Me Out is back on our screens and that means that for the next 12 weeks I will have 90 minutes of awesomely awful TV to watch each Saturday night. Once more Paddy is fronting the show in his own style and once more four men each week will come down that love lift to try and impress the flirty thirty to get a date on the love island of Fernando’s.

It was only episode one last week so it is hard for me to pick out my favourites yet as we don’t know much about their personalities. We all remember Daisy from series one who got a date on the final episode. She was just lovely. Also Welsh Aimee was a firm favourite. I was also very fond of Siobhan, loved Samantha and the tiny Emily was just wonderful. I must also say Karima, Josephine and Jo were all awesome too.

In series two the stars were Jo Jo and Lucy. I loved Jo Jo. She was amazing but there were plenty of others to root for. One of them being Dawn who is now engaged to the man she got a date with on the show which is all kinds of awesome. Others of note included Carol who seemed like a regular good lass and Luissa who was super smart and super attractive. A fairly good combination. Also I recall Kieney who was quite lovely and who could forget burlesque loving Samantha?

So on to series three and my early thoughts. In alphabetical order I am liking Carrie, Chloe, Ciara, Emma, Fleur, Grace, Hollie, Katy, Mimi, Sophia and Sophie. However they are just my early thoughts and no doubt over the next few weeks we’ll get to know a bit more about these girls and I know who to be rooting for to get a good date. Knowing me it is perfectly possible that i’ll change my mind as we get to see these girls personalities shine through.

Update: Ok after three shows now I have thought long and hard about my top three. Chloe is there without a shadow of a doubt. Hollie too. I thought long and hard about who else was up there and decided that Charlotte has grown on me a lot and Ciara is clearly lovely and Grace is just stunning but I’ll say Charlotte for now. All three I think just seem like downright nice and decent people. Of the new girls then Mollie is easily my favourite.

Update II: To see possibly the best ever Take Me Out moment then please follow the hyperlink to watch the video as Chelsea ‘wins’ a date with Damion…

To have a look at all the girls who started on the show with guy one on episode one please look below. Please feel free to comment on the blog about the girls and the show.

So without further ado and as Paddy says ‘Bring on the Girls’

Bainsey Take Me Out 2012
Bec Take Me Out 2012
Bianca Take Me Out 2012
Carrie Take Me Out 2012
Cate Take Me Out 2012
Charlotte Take Me Out 2012
Chelsea Take Me Out 2012
Chloe Take Me Out 2012
Ciara Take Me Out 2012
Emma Take Me Out 2012
Fleur Take Me Out 2012
Grace Take Me Out 2012
Gracie Take Me Out 2012
Holly Take Me Out 2012
Jade Take Me Out 2012
Joanna Take Me Out 2012
Katy Take Me Out 2012
Leah Take Me Out 2012
Lizzy Take Me Out 2012
Lucy Take Me Out 2012
Mimi Take Me Out 2012
Nicki Take Me Out 2012
Roxy Take Me Out 2012
Sarah Take Me Out 2012
Sophia Take Me Out 2012
Sophie Take Me Out 2012
Steph Take Me Out 2012
Toni Take Me Out 2012
Wen Take Me Out 2012

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Dawn Edwards & Dan Nash get engaged – a Take Me Out success story!

As you may or may not know I have a handful of TV shows that I truly love. Things like StormChasers and Deadliest Catch. Last year saw MasterChef Australia walk into my live but two winters ago it was ITV’s latest attempt at a dating show Take Me Out that got me glued to the screen.

If you haven’t seen it then the premise of the show is rather simple. 30 girls watch guys come down and try to impress them. If they want to go on a date with him then they keep their light on. If they don’t then they turn off their lights. No likey, No lighty. If at the end of three rounds more than two girls have their lights on then the guy picks who he wants to go on a date with. It’s trashy, it’s awful but at the same time it is fantastic Saturday night TV.

Anyway last year one of my favourites Dawn got a date with a seemingly nice guy. Well over a year later and Dawn and Dan are engaged and being the kind of sap that I am, I’m delighted. They just both seem like good people and compared to some of the obvious wannabes that inhabit the show it is great to see that something can work.

There have been a couple of other engagements but both of these involve people who didn’t choose each other on the show and met at after show parties etc. Dan still chose Dawn despite arguably the worst air guitar ever when he asked to see the final two girls’ best air guitar. Still it all worked out and hopefully they’ll make it down the aisle and live happily ever after.

If I recall correctly there were only ever two or three Blind Date weddings (but that might be wrong) so if this one works out Take Me Out will be on its way to bettering its Saturday night preprocessor. I wish them both all the best in the world. It is stories like this that keep us all hoping that the right person will wander into our lives and you never know where or when it’ll happen. It won’t happen for me on Take Me Out as there is no way I’d keep on any lights but still that isn’t the point.

We all like a successful love story don’t we?

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