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Things I think I think – V

After a long hiatus it is time to bring back some of my random thought processes that don’t really deserve their own blog. 2012 has been quite a year so far with several ups and seemingly one down. Overall you can’t argue with those statistics though. Anyway on with the blog.

*Just went into my local shop to buy batteries and the woman asks me, ‘hows you?’ and I reply ‘I’ve had better days’ and it completely flummoxed her. We are just so used to saying/hearing something along the lines of ‘yeah I’m ok how are you?’ that when someone deviates from the norm it throws us completely. So is asking ‘how are you?’ a genuinely question or just a pleasantry?

*I fell asleep last night at the two-minute warning in the Broncos v Steelers playoff game. Did I miss anything? *checks the internets* Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

*Carrying on from the above. Surely God has more important things to do on a Sunday than influence an NFL game?

*StormChasers returns to our screen in early February on Discovery HD. I’m very excited.

*Also loving Deadliest Catch on Discovery at the moment.

*I left my employment at Fubra three years ago today. How time flies. This might be worth a bigger blog later tonight.

*I saw a spitting image of an ex housemate today working the tills at Southend Marks & Spencer. Unless she completely blanked me and of course has moved 500 odd miles to Southend then I doubt it was her.

*On the way back from the shop earlier there were three BT engineers doing something. One of them yelled at me not to fall down the hole. The one that was cordoned off. Do I really look that stupid?

*Accidentally left the heating on overnight. Loved the warmth that I woke up to. Probably won’t like it as much when the bill plops through the letterbox in due course.

*Completed my Self Assessment Tax form and paid Mr/Mrs Tax Man/Woman the money he/she believes I owe them. Sad times for my bank balance.

*Still unsure about the Bill O’Brien hire but the continued employment of Ron Vanderlinden and Larry Johnson Snr. make me less concerned.

*Take Me Out is back. I will blog more about it after a couple of weeks but so far my favourite is Chloe.

*As for what I missed after I fell asleep last night…

Insane. No-one saw that coming. And with that I’m out for a bit.

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