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The Rambles of the Neil Monnery hits the big 100,000…

TRONM and 100,000 views

So yesterday The Rambles of Neil Monnery reached a little bit of a milestone. Since March 28th when I moved to my own self-hosted WordPress blog I have received 100,000 views. That is many more than I could ever have imagined. I can’t believe so many people read my inane witterings but it does make me feel as though it is all worthwhile. I know there is no real content structure and just what pops into my fron whenever I decide to write.

For the foreseeable future this will continue to be the case. However after announcing my intention to run for Southend Council in May then obviously there will be plenty of pieces on that matter between now and then. Don’t expect the usual mix of bad joke photos, sporting views, other politics discussion as well as my thoughts on news to go away though. That is part of this blog and will continue to be so.

There are many ways to keep up with the site if you don’t visit that often. You can like us on Facebook, you can sign up for e-mail notifications of new posts in the top right hand corner of the site and you can of course add our feed to any aggregator system you may use.

Thank you for all your feedback over the past nine months and I hope you continue to enjoy what I write. If you don’t then no doubt you’ll let me know. Here’s to an enjoyable 2012…

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  1. i hope you get elected,you seem like an ok geezer.It makes me think though of others in various political posts although my memory wont play out in this weather.early doors they write in the local rag,promising the fuckin’ universe and ripping their opposision to bits,then a step up, and the tail is between the legs,and all the gung ho words from a political headrush and giddy aunt syndrone was as usual,a means to an can one person change things on the inside? because that was the impression they give, like a political production line of toy torys and elastic labour puppets that are that concerned with equality the females have beards if they choose.i feel as though its heading towards a massive change with the growing number of non biological same sex parents, gay and lesbian , and ok its not a rant but what if a percentage of these children grew up with the same sexual preferences? if they wanted children? then you have the people who change sex, i am lucky to have a friend who was a she now a he,and theres the he to she, if my friend had the he/she as a partner and they wanted children, then this is where it gets weird, when they bring up the child and its old enough, it will find out daddy is mummy and mummy is daddy….how can this be a good thing? they could be the best parents ever but its not about that..i remember the big noises in government getting behind the gay couples who want to adopt but this is where i could fuckin’ gladly pea shoot the invisible fuckers who hate straight people and i mean in government..12 years ago there was not a stitch done for fathers trying desperately to get contact with the kids and some mothers played the courts like it was a woody allen film.if you were not married your not a father,yet they were? justice in this was so fuckin bad i sometimes think it was done for government can a loving dad be granted access, then not get it, so back to court, time and time, and year after year, and the mother in the 4 years of court was not even spoken to,not even a polite warning,and how can a court of law allow the mother to miss various dates and say nish when she did turn up? when asked why father should not see his kids nothing was put forward in 4 years by the mother and yet the father not only went through the whole shit injustice but sick and unable to work he was told to pay £30 a month for the fucking scam that this cunt of a smiling judge was part of..he was responsible for that father wanting to just die,his health is so bad mentally with the lack of protection and sheer inhuman evil lies all done in the name of british justice..the father is a wreck relying on prescription tablets,he is a hermit and stinks like fuck because he doesnt want to live, he sends money every birthday and christmas,never failed.but its nearly 13 years since he saw them both and they are grown up with all the lies that funny enough were not mentione in would you live a normal life? you cant full this a crime against humanity? and if not,why not??

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