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The Daily Mail is bad but the people who comment on Daily Mail articles…

The people who read the Daily Mail are really quite awesome. You wonder if these people know anything about the world or whether their whole view of the world is formed thanks to what they read in said newspaper. I was pointed towards a piece entitled Is a super-volcano just 390 miles from London about to erupt? which is the ideal Daily Mail type story. The super-volcano bit interested me but the 390 miles from London bit seemed a bit desperate – but hey – you gotta do what you gotta do eh DM?

So anyway I read the piece which to be fair is pretty poorly researched. The evidence used is weak to the extreme and it is totally scaremongering. Usually I’d read and move on but a couple of comments caught me eye. Firstly this…

Yes seriously. The fact that there might be a super-volcano in Germany that is due to explode means that we need to pull out of the EU. If we pull out of the EU then any potential ash cloud will stop at our borders out of respect for our sovereignty. Being in the EU is endorsing our support of super-volcanoes. I despair I really do but the next one I despair for two reasons…

Firstly I despair that the commenter can’t spell the word ‘bankers’ which is quite a depressing scenario but I despair even more that 15 people (as of the time of taking the screenshot) gave it a thumbs up. Yes we should put the bankers in the super-volcano because they’ll save the day and stop the explosion and ash cloud reaching us and they’ll be heroes. Or is it just 15 people saying they want to kill bankers for no real reason?

The Daily Mail makes me sad but a significant percentage of those who comment make me weep for mankind.

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  1. You should see the Guardian. I think together, the comments in each could form a christmas book entitled “The Best of Extremist Echo-Chambers.”

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