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Day: November 30, 2011

Real Desperate Scousewives. What. The. Fuck?

This post is going to be about a new TV show coming to our screens. You can guess what it is from the title of the blog post. I had written a long introduction to this linking the struggles of feminism when there are so many women like this but I don’t think it really fit. So as Miranda would say ‘On with the show…’ (In this instance show means blog).

I read the following article entitled If it’s a choice between paying my rent and a boss new outfit… I’ll hit the shops in The Sun today. It interviews three of the stars of this show and tells us all about how they see the World. From what they say in the piece their view of the World is about as simplistic as you can get – they want to look the best they can in order to bag a footballer so he can provide everything they need in a material sense. It might just be one of the most depressing things I’ve ever read (clearly it isn’t and I’m going way OTT there but in a sense of reading about how people see their place in everything it really is terribly sad and depressing).

It harps back to something we were discussing at the Southend Lib Dem Policy Review meeting last week. So many people lack ambition these days. They see another way which is just a short-cut and doesn’t lead to rewarding and fulfilling lives. When they have been picked up by a footballer and then thrown back on the scrapheap when he goes after someone else I wonder what their first reaction will be. Will it be heartbreak that they have lost a man they loved or will it be that their source of material wealth has gone?

Happiness doesn’t come from mod cons but it comes from within. If you are happy in yourself then you’ll be happy with your life. It saddens me that the next generation coming through has a distorted sense of happiness. In this time of holiday spirit you see people buying presents for others that are of material value but will it make someone else happy? When I was young playing football or cricket in the garden with my dad made me happier than playing on my own (although in all honesty give me a ball and I was happy enough in any situation). Sitting out the back of Woodcroft Lane with a leaking skylight playing a computer game was fun but playing it with my dad was far more enjoyable.

It is the people in your life that make you contented and happy – not what you have. Yes I have mod cons and things like Sky+HD make me happy and help me pass the time. However doing things like Hospital Radio and possibly running for local council where I can make a difference to people’s lives even in a small capacity will make me far more contented deep down.

There is a balance to be struck and it scares the living bejesus out of me that so many can’t see that life is all about balance. If you don’t have inner happiness then you will not be able to paper over it with mod cons or going to VIP parties. Long-term your soul will ebb away and you will become miserable. I just wish the Real Desperate Scousewives could see that. Sadly they can’t and they are facing an uphill battle to be truly happy.

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