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Day: November 29, 2011

Mike Hancock’s former aide seemingly wasn’t a Russian spy after all.

After a long twelve months of allegations that Mike Hancock was busy doing it and letting a Russian spy run amok in parliament the judge at the centre of her deportation case has made his decision and that is the Home Office failed to prove on any level that Katia Zatuliveter was in fact a spy.

Miss Zatuliveter is free to continue living and working in the UK and the presumptive end to this case means that Mike Hancock’s name has been mostly dragged out of the muck and it does mean that yet again he could quite feasibly fight another campaign in Portsmouth in one of the seats.

I always had suspicions about this case because a Lib Dem back bench MP isn’t exactly the man with knowledge of everything that went on at the Ministry of Defence despite his appointment to the Defence Select Committee which he sat on until earlier this year. He resigned from that position due to this case and now that his aide hasn’t been deported after the judge made it clear there was no evidence she was a spy you have to question why there was such a media storm around this case.

Yet again as I’ve been banging on about recently the media drove a story before they knew any of the facts. There is reporting of a story of allegations and then there is driving a story of allegations and once more that is what the media decided to do in this situation. Mike Hancock may have extra-material affairs but for an MP that seems to be par for the course but did he put his country at risk by employing Miss Zatuliveter? It seems from this judgement that it is clear that he did not.

Miss Zatuliveter is delighted by the outcome of the deportation hearing and the Home Office are said to be disappointed because they truly believed there was a case to answer. They failed to come up with any compelling evidence but that seems to be secondary to a gut feeling these days.

So the former Russian aide of Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has had her name cleared. The MP himself will not because sadly that is the way it works. Once the media have alleged something then many will believe it to be true. The more I read the media and the more I see how they drive stories to fulfil their own agenda it makes me sadder with every passing story but hey – what’s the truth when we have juicy unfounded allegations eh?

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