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Day: November 28, 2011

Martin Brundle leaves BBC for Sky Sports F1 HD – what next?

Wow I’ve not blogged in a few days. I do have things to say but not the time (or inclination) to type them up. If only I had a typist or a head-set that changed by words into written words on the screen *daydreams* ah if only. Anyway on with the blog.

On Sunday morning Martin Brundle confirmed what was one of the worst kept secrets in sports broadcasting that he was leaving BBC F1 to join Sky Sports new F1 coverage from next season. His partner or partners in the commentary box haven’t been confirmed as yet but it is generally believed that David Croft will be moving across from BBC Radio 5live to be lead commentator with Brundle stepping back into his colour role.

I have enjoyed Brundle as lead this season and the pairing of Brundle and David Coulthard for me has been the best we’ve had in the sport since Murray & Martin ten years ago. James Allen wasn’t great but Jonathan Legard just didn’t fit. It didn’t work and the BBC made the move at the end of last season to go with Brundle.

It is without a doubt a blow for the BBC as Martin Brundle has become the voice – and face – of the sport in TV terms. Both companies wanted him but he’s gone with Sky for both more money and the fact he’ll get to cover – and broadcast – live from every race next season. Had he stayed with the Beeb he would have commentated live on every race but those words would never be heard in full. He stated that he needed the adrenaline rush of live TV and I can fully see that. It was the move Sky had to make and they managed to pull it off.

Elsewhere we know that the BBC will have Jake Humphrey presenting their F1 output as he has since 2009 and David Coulthard and Lee McKenzie will be on board in some capacity. Noticeably the name of Ted Kravitz has not been confirmed as being with the Beeb and is therefore believed to be jumping for Sky. Brundle and Kravitz were the only two members of ITV’s on air talent that moved to the BBC and now they look like they are both going to Sky as well. I think this shows just how good and well respected both are at their jobs. No word on Eddie Jordan as yet but I don’t see him returning to the Beeb or turning up at Sky.

Sky Sports know what they are doing. I have Sky and therefore will have a choice as to whom I watch next season and Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz I fully believe will be enough to sway me towards Sky. There is much to shake out yet but so far seemingly so good for Sky as they look to make a big splash into the motor sports market.

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