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Day: October 19, 2011

Jo Swinson – ‘I think #pmqs (is) out of touch’

I am a huge fan of Jo Swinson. It isn’t a secret. I think she has it in her to become a very important player not only within our party but in terms of national politics and cabinet politics. Today she tweeted out from Prime Ministers Questions and summed up something that I have been banging on about for ages.

Jo Swinson Twitter
Jo Swinson on Twitter today

PMQs is out of touch. I watch most weeks if I remember but it is like a giant case of school yard politics with both sides leering and jeering at each other. Today Ed Balls and Ed Miliband were telling David Cameron to calm down (I have no idea if they were saying the term ‘dear’ afterwards) and laughing away at how funny they were whilst David Cameron was telling them what a shit job they had done over the economy previously.

If Ed Balls and Ed Miliband think the current financial crisis is a laughing matter then how can anyone ever take them seriously? It is like they both know they are spending a few years outside of government but they can sweep back in once the mess has been cleaned up. Both sides are as bad as each other but today it was Balls and Miliband who were leading the way.

When I had the opportunity to interview Nick Clegg last month the one item I didn’t get to was about how MPs come across with the electorate. They come across like a bunch of babies and it is like all of them are in the school yard talking about each other behind their back and bullying one another. It is pathetic and the weekly gladiatorial scene that is PMQs is getting worse by the week. ‘It’s your fault’ ‘No it’s *your* fault’ jeer ad nauseum.

I hate it so much as there are no doubt plenty of smart and mature MPs in the House of Commons but they all get tarred with the same brush due to those who act like pathetic babies. I’d install rules where you sit and listen to questions and answers like mature adults and if you don’t then the speaker can throw them out.

If MPs want to act like babies then we should treat them as such.

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