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Day: October 18, 2011

A trip for chocolate cake marred by an episode of horrendous parenting

Every so often I see good parenting and my heart sighs and for a brief moment I think that maybe having a kid would be cool. This passes swiftly enough so don’t worry (and of course the fact that I’m not the prettiest person in the world kinda doesn’t help) but I digress. I have these brief moments every so often but then you get events like I’ve just witnessed tonight.

In a whim I decided I wanted some chocolate cake (see I can be a good Lib Dem…) and in the half time break of the football I headed out to Tesco Express across the road to see what they had. I walk in and walk straight to the yellow sticker section but no chocolate cakes. Damn.

I make my way to the proper full priced cake section and my preference was out of stock but the Belgian Chocolate Cake was there and I had to make a decision.

It seemed so simple but my brain couldn’t make a decision as it couldn’t concentrate because something else was taking its attention away from the important issue of cake. It was a kid. The kid had been screaming and his father was busy on his phone yelling at his other half via his mobile as to whether she wanted green or blue top milk, ‘make up your fucking mind, I have a taxi running outside, do you want blue or green fucking milk?’ he blasted out.

Doing the very British thing of tutting out of site and shaking my head I made my decision. Cake it was to be but before I had leaned down and picked up my chocolatey treat I heard this banging. Turning round the kid was kicking the self-service till.

I don’t mean playfully I mean hard enough to make a rather large sound and as I approached the checkout with a person I could see the till shaking. The kid wasn’t stopping and me and the checkout woman look at each other. The father wasn’t to be seen.

As I was paying for my goods I hear the father come up and laugh and exclaim whilst laughing ‘I know that’s the safe till but no money will come out no matter how hard you kick it’ and the kid kicks the till as hard as he can and the father laughs.

I walk out and glance as the other worker there and we give each other that knowing look. The parent was an absolute arsehole and that maybe strong but I truly believe with parenting like that then the kid has no chance in life whatsoever to grow up and be a decent human being.

The kid wasn’t a toddler either – he was probably 5 or 6. The dad thought that criminal damage and kicking in a till was a laughing matter well you know what mate – it isn’t – it makes you look like the biggest dickhead around.

Poor kid. He has no chance.

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