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Day: October 12, 2011

Delighted at extra funding for Southend children who need it most – Welch

The man who got a little x from myself in a ballot box in May 2010 is happy that the Pupil Premium is going where it is needed locally and sent out the following Press Release this evening that I am (possibly lazily) going to copy and paste in full:

The announcement that Liberal Democrats in government have been able to increase the Pupil Premium has delighted their standard-bearer in Southend West at the last election.

Peter Welch said “Raising the cash that schools receive for educating children from the poorest backgrounds was a key pledge in the General Election. I’m convinced it was one of the reasons we got such a strong result in Southend West. And I am delighted that schools in Southend will be receiving more than £2m through the pupil premium – £488 for every child on free school meals.

“It is my firm belief that we have wasted too much talent in this country. We need to open up jobs and opportunities to everyone, no matter what their back ground. the Pupil Premium is part of the answer.”

In year two of the scheme, every school is guaranteed an extra £488 (last year £430) from the Government for every child on free school meals and every looked-after child.

In Southend-on-Sea this should mean around £2,072,000 in extra cash. In neighbouring areas the impact will also be significant. In Castle Point, for example, schools expect to receive £688,000 in the coming year.

Commenting, Sarah Teather, Children’s Minister said : “it’s a distinctively Liberal Democrat policy. Liberal Democrats designed it, campaigned for it, and made it a priority in the Coalition negotiations. Liberal Democrats in government have found the money to make it happen.”

The Liberal Democrats fought the election on four priority policies: creating Green jobs, introducing the pupil premium, raising income tax thresholds to £10,000, and reforming the political system so that politicians are really held to account.

Massive progress has been made on three of these priorities. The Green Investment Bank has been agreed. Income tax thresholds have been increased. From £6475 at the time of the General Election they will be £8345 from April – a move that means hundreds of thousands of people on modest incomes will no longer need to pay income tax. And the pupil premium will make a big difference to the schools with the kids who need most support. Hopes for a better, more accountable political system were, however, hit by the defeat of the referendum on a fiarer voting system.

Good stuff as always Peter. It is something we have brought to pupils around the country that wasn’t going to happen without us. When people ask ‘What have the Lib Dems done for us?’ then this is something we can proudly point at. This is a start of a journey that hopefully will lead to equality of opportunity for everyone and that is something I think we all wish for.

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Southend-on-Sea schools to get £2,072,000 in Pupil Premium – Lib Dem Win!

If you are a parent with kids anywhere in England then today you can find out just how much how local schools will receive thanks to the Pupil Premium which was a staple of the Liberal Democrats manifesto. The Pupil Premium is there is give extra money to schools for every student who comes from a disadvantaged background to help ensure they get just as much of a chance of an excellent education as those who come from a more advantaged background.

I live in Southend and as area we will receive just over £2million extra for the school year 2011/2012. My constituency of Rochford & Southend East will receive £1,267,000 to go around it’s schools. When you think of it in those terms then this is real money making a real impact at schools and not just a bit of fluff. Yes we’d all like it to be more but I think an extra two million across the town in terms of schooling is a pretty darn decent start.

I makes no bones about my background coming from a council estate where you could see talent out there but it was hard to tap that talent because people lacked ambition. Many think that they can’t amount to anything so they don’t bother trying. It is a culture that we need to address. Anyone has it in them to become whatever they so desire. Talent needs to be nurtured and given time to flourish. People from disadvantaged backgrounds may need more time because swimming against the grain sometimes is hard but you have to give everyone the same chances in life as possible and that is something the Pupil Premium is looking to address (albeit in a small way) but it is better to take one step forward than to take no steps at all.

The Pupil Premium is a great start in my opinion but that is all it is – a start – but to finish a race you have to start it and now the gun has fired on giving everyone whatever their background the same opportunities in life and that is a race I hope we’ll be able to finish at some point in my lifetime.

Please see below for a full breakdown of funds by constituency.

Aldershot £928,000
Aldridge-Brownhills £1,004,000
Altrincham and Sale West £565,000
Amber Valley £937,000
Arundel and South Downs £318,000
Ashfield £1,281,000
Ashford £1,005,000
Ashton-under-Lyne £1,367,000
Aylesbury £683,000
Banbury £889,000
Barking £2,611,000
Barnsley Central £1,289,000
Barnsley East £1,344,000
Barrow and Furness £1,009,000
Basildon and Billericay £847,000
Basingstoke £969,000
Bassetlaw £1,009,000
Bath £576,000
Batley and Spen £1,150,000
Battersea £1,050,000
Beaconsfield £431,000
Beckenham £546,000
Bedford £1,320,000
Bermondsey and Old Southwark £2,852,000
Berwick-upon-Tweed £518,000
Bethnal Green and Bow £4,892,000
Beverley and Holderness £699,000
Bexhill and Battle £713,000
Bexleyheath and Crayford £1,065,000
Birkenhead £1,986,000
Birmingham, Edgbaston £1,932,000
Birmingham, Erdington £2,318,000
Birmingham, Hall Green £2,484,000
Birmingham, Hodge Hill £4,188,000
Birmingham, Ladywood £4,764,000
Birmingham, Northfield £2,259,000
Birmingham, Perry Barr £2,634,000
Birmingham, Selly Oak £2,176,000
Birmingham, Yardley £3,262,000
Bishop Auckland £1,293,000
Blackburn £2,083,000
Blackley and Broughton £2,610,000
Blackpool North and Cleveleys £1,281,000
Blackpool South £1,411,000
Blaydon £901,000
Blyth Valley £1,061,000
Bognor Regis and Littlehampton £554,000
Bolsover £1,082,000
Bolton North East £1,258,000
Bolton South East £1,798,000
Bolton West £1,094,000
Bootle £1,728,000
Boston and Skegness £867,000
Bosworth £617,000
Bournemouth East £811,000
Bournemouth West £915,000
Bracknell £636,000
Bradford East £2,597,000
Bradford South £2,070,000
Bradford West £2,395,000
Braintree £704,000
Brent Central £2,316,000
Brent North £2,149,000
Brentford and Isleworth £1,607,000
Brentwood and Ongar £403,000
Bridgwater and West Somerset £1,034,000
Brigg and Goole £645,000
Brighton, Kemptown £954,000
Brighton, Pavilion £789,000
Bristol East £1,019,000
Bristol North West £1,439,000
Bristol South £1,840,000
Bristol West £1,144,000
Broadland £468,000
Bromley and Chislehurst £929,000
Bromsgrove £567,000
Broxbourne £1,002,000
Broxtowe £684,000
Buckingham £279,000
Burnley £1,499,000
Burton £1,010,000
Bury North £919,000
Bury South £996,000
Bury St Edmunds £703,000
Calder Valley £913,000
Camberwell and Peckham £2,423,000
Camborne and Redruth £840,000
Cambridge £652,000
Cannock Chase £1,010,000
Canterbury £947,000
Carlisle £831,000
Carshalton and Wallington £1,163,000
Castle Point £688,000
Central Devon £481,000
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich £555,000
Charnwood £509,000
Chatham and Aylesford £1,102,000
Cheadle £638,000
Chelmsford £678,000
Chelsea and Fulham £1,425,000
Cheltenham £751,000
Chesham and Amersham £365,000
Chesterfield £953,000
Chichester £517,000
Chingford and Woodford Green £1,137,000
Chippenham £692,000
Chipping Barnet £1,197,000
Chorley £856,000
Christchurch £480,000
Cities of London and Westminster £1,073,000
City of Chester £845,000
City of Durham £792,000
Clacton £1,121,000
Cleethorpes £887,000
Colchester £1,176,000
Colne Valley £1,142,000
Congleton £513,000
Copeland £675,000
Corby £1,030,000
Coventry North East £2,007,000
Coventry North West £1,349,000
Coventry South £1,591,000
Crawley £884,000
Crewe and Nantwich £1,085,000
Croydon Central £2,014,000
Croydon North £2,071,000
Croydon South £1,111,000
Dagenham and Rainham £1,922,000
Darlington £1,353,000
Dartford £875,000
Daventry £606,000
Denton and Reddish £1,062,000
Derby North £1,398,000
Derby South £1,833,000
Derbyshire Dales £343,000
Devizes £850,000
Dewsbury £1,365,000
Don Valley £1,293,000
Doncaster Central £1,397,000
Doncaster North £1,424,000
Dover £1,042,000
Dudley North £1,409,000
Dudley South £898,000
Dulwich and West Norwood £1,690,000
Ealing Central and Acton £1,146,000
Ealing North £2,155,000
Ealing, Southall £1,542,000
Easington £1,460,000
East Devon £551,000
East Ham £3,924,000
East Hampshire £499,000
East Surrey £577,000
East Worthing and Shoreham £617,000
East Yorkshire £869,000
Eastbourne £1,041,000
Eastleigh £641,000
Eddisbury £639,000
Edmonton £2,754,000
Ellesmere Port and Neston £924,000
Elmet and Rothwell £751,000
Eltham £1,894,000
Enfield North £2,777,000
Enfield, Southgate £986,000
Epping Forest £685,000
Epsom and Ewell £503,000
Erewash £1,075,000
Erith and Thamesmead £1,869,000
Esher and Walton £418,000
Exeter £884,000
Fareham £601,000
Faversham and Mid Kent £665,000
Feltham and Heston £1,731,000
Filton and Bradley Stoke £605,000
Finchley and Golders Green £1,165,000
Folkestone and Hythe £1,240,000
Forest of Dean £589,000
Fylde £469,000
Gainsborough £737,000
Garston and Halewood £1,665,000
Gateshead £1,318,000
Gedling £912,000
Gillingham and Rainham £1,055,000
Gloucester £1,363,000
Gosport £1,109,000
Grantham and Stamford £743,000
Gravesham £1,048,000
Great Grimsby £1,341,000
Great Yarmouth £1,223,000
Greenwich and Woolwich £1,721,000
Guildford £522,000
Hackney North and Stoke Newington £2,188,000
Hackney South and Shoreditch £2,662,000
Halesowen and Rowley Regis £1,006,000
Halifax £1,514,000
Haltemprice and Howden £685,000
Halton £2,039,000
Hammersmith £1,766,000
Hampstead and Kilburn £1,374,000
Harborough £687,000
Harlow £1,012,000
Harrogate and Knaresborough £510,000
Harrow East £1,337,000
Harrow West £1,065,000
Hartlepool £1,741,000
Harwich and North Essex £615,000
Hastings and Rye £1,548,000
Havant £1,144,000
Hayes and Harlington £1,887,000
Hazel Grove £602,000
Hemel Hempstead £991,000
Hemsworth £1,273,000
Hendon £1,926,000
Henley £461,000
Hereford and South Herefordshire £737,000
Hertford and Stortford £601,000
Hertsmere £841,000
Hexham £344,000
Heywood and Middleton £1,568,000
High Peak £662,000
Hitchin and Harpenden £450,000
Holborn and St Pancras £2,775,000
Hornchurch and Upminster £937,000
Hornsey and Wood Green £2,224,000
Horsham £314,000
Houghton and Sunderland South £1,162,000
Hove £863,000
Huddersfield £1,226,000
Huntingdon £802,000
Hyndburn £1,433,000
Ilford North £1,536,000
Ilford South £2,224,000
Ipswich £1,181,000
Isle of Wight £1,359,000
Islington North £2,658,000
Islington South and Finsbury £2,216,000
Jarrow £1,340,000
Keighley £978,000
Kenilworth and Southam £341,000
Kensington £1,140,000
Kettering £856,000
Kingston and Surbiton £768,000
Kingston upon Hull East £1,924,000
Kingston upon Hull North £1,623,000
Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle £1,266,000
Kingswood £699,000
Knowsley £2,390,000
Lancaster and Fleetwood £787,000
Leeds Central £2,489,000
Leeds East £1,971,000
Leeds North East £1,148,000
Leeds North West £607,000
Leeds West £1,520,000
Leicester East £1,651,000
Leicester South £1,709,000
Leicester West £1,988,000
Leigh £1,209,000
Lewes £587,000
Lewisham East £1,544,000
Lewisham West and Penge £1,756,000
Lewisham, Deptford £1,684,000
Leyton and Wanstead £1,653,000
Lichfield £598,000
Lincoln £1,159,000
Liverpool, Riverside £1,440,000
Liverpool, Walton £2,360,000
Liverpool, Wavertree £1,759,000
Liverpool, West Derby £1,653,000
Loughborough £758,000
Louth and Horncastle £912,000
Ludlow £443,000
Luton North £1,981,000
Luton South £1,638,000
Macclesfield £506,000
Maidenhead £468,000
Maidstone and The Weald £764,000
Makerfield £966,000
Maldon £458,000
Manchester Central £2,804,000
Manchester, Gorton £2,530,000
Manchester, Withington £1,588,000
Mansfield £1,391,000
Meon Valley £423,000
Meriden £1,459,000
Mid Bedfordshire £472,000
Mid Derbyshire £417,000
Mid Dorset and North Poole £538,000
Mid Norfolk £748,000
Mid Sussex £372,000
Mid Worcestershire £599,000
Middlesbrough £2,770,000
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland £1,231,000
Milton Keynes North £1,118,000
Milton Keynes South £1,427,000
Mitcham and Morden £1,184,000
Mole Valley £324,000
Morecambe and Lunesdale £1,057,000
Morley and Outwood £800,000
New Forest East £617,000
New Forest West £424,000
Newark £678,000
Newbury £644,000
Newcastle upon Tyne Central £1,876,000
Newcastle upon Tyne East £1,322,000
Newcastle upon Tyne North £1,016,000
Newcastle-under-Lyme £851,000
Newton Abbot £732,000
Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford £1,222,000
North Cornwall £696,000
North Devon £811,000
North Dorset £598,000
North Durham £1,067,000
North East Bedfordshire £623,000
North East Cambridgeshire £1,013,000
North East Derbyshire £688,000
North East Hampshire £390,000
North East Hertfordshire £642,000
North East Somerset £533,000
North Herefordshire £507,000
North Norfolk £513,000
North Shropshire £786,000
North Somerset £424,000
North Swindon £1,016,000
North Thanet £1,038,000
North Tyneside £1,287,000
North Warwickshire £777,000
North West Cambridgeshire £1,259,000
North West Durham £937,000
North West Hampshire £611,000
North West Leicestershire £648,000
North West Norfolk £855,000
North Wiltshire £586,000
Northampton North £1,472,000
Northampton South £859,000
Norwich North £911,000
Norwich South £1,139,000
Nottingham East £1,641,000
Nottingham North £2,464,000
Nottingham South £1,249,000
Nuneaton £995,000
Old Bexley and Sidcup £518,000
Oldham East and Saddleworth £1,489,000
Oldham West and Royton £2,466,000
Orpington £650,000
Oxford East £1,247,000
Oxford West and Abingdon £621,000
Pendle £1,096,000
Penistone and Stocksbridge £591,000
Penrith and The Border £398,000
Peterborough £1,731,000
Plymouth, Moor View £1,728,000
Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport £1,224,000
Poole £584,000
Poplar and Limehouse £3,772,000
Portsmouth North £1,364,000
Portsmouth South £1,274,000
Preston £1,204,000
Pudsey £715,000
Putney £1,070,000
Rayleigh and Wickford £513,000
Reading East £632,000
Reading West £1,357,000
Redcar £1,485,000
Redditch £958,000
Reigate £526,000
Ribble Valley £515,000
Richmond (Yorks) £880,000
Richmond Park £679,000
Rochdale £2,283,000
Rochester and Strood £941,000
Rochford and Southend East £1,267,000
Romford £852,000
Romsey and Southampton North £637,000
Rossendale and Darwen £1,084,000
Rother Valley £996,000
Rotherham £1,540,000
Rugby £683,000
Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner £846,000
Runnymede and Weybridge £537,000
Rushcliffe £545,000
Rutland and Melton £496,000
Saffron Walden £435,000
Salford and Eccles £1,809,000
Salisbury £561,000
Scarborough and Whitby £1,038,000
Scunthorpe £1,273,000
Sedgefield £1,147,000
Sefton Central £762,000
Selby and Ainsty £540,000
Sevenoaks £514,000
Sheffield Central £987,000
Sheffield South East £837,000
Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough £2,338,000
Sheffield, Hallam £546,000
Sheffield, Heeley £1,289,000
Sherwood £882,000
Shipley £848,000
Shrewsbury and Atcham £737,000
Sittingbourne and Sheppey £1,375,000
Skipton and Ripon £446,000
Sleaford and North Hykeham £764,000
Slough £1,667,000
Solihull £673,000
Somerton and Frome £668,000
South Basildon and East Thurrock £1,300,000
South Cambridgeshire £543,000
South Derbyshire £607,000
South Dorset £797,000
South East Cambridgeshire £641,000
South East Cornwall £718,000
South Holland and The Deepings £715,000
South Leicestershire £469,000
South Norfolk £533,000
South Northamptonshire £495,000
South Ribble £688,000
South Shields £1,660,000
South Staffordshire £528,000
South Suffolk £565,000
South Swindon £1,068,000
South Thanet £1,166,000
South West Bedfordshire £846,000
South West Devon £735,000
South West Hertfordshire £435,000
South West Norfolk £896,000
South West Surrey £486,000
South West Wiltshire £770,000
Southampton, Itchen £1,501,000
Southampton, Test £1,212,000
Southend West £769,000
Southport £677,000
Spelthorne £665,000
St Albans £655,000
St Austell and Newquay £890,000
St Helens North £1,572,000
St Helens South and Whiston £1,284,000
St Ives £776,000
Stafford £658,000
Staffordshire Moorlands £513,000
Stalybridge and Hyde £1,309,000
Stevenage £1,020,000
Stockport £907,000
Stockton North £1,375,000
Stockton South £1,179,000
Stoke-on-Trent Central £1,245,000
Stoke-on-Trent North £1,652,000
Stoke-on-Trent South £1,295,000
Stone £419,000
Stourbridge £865,000
Stratford-on-Avon £442,000
Streatham £1,800,000
Stretford and Urmston £1,176,000
Stroud £536,000
Suffolk Coastal £527,000
Sunderland Central £1,405,000
Surrey Heath £587,000
Sutton and Cheam £665,000
Sutton Coldfield £749,000
Tamworth £1,035,000
Tatton £436,000
Taunton Deane £793,000
Telford £1,676,000
Tewkesbury £747,000
The Cotswolds £448,000
The Wrekin £923,000
Thirsk and Malton £512,000
Thornbury and Yate £448,000
Thurrock £1,618,000
Tiverton and Honiton £614,000
Tonbridge and Malling £657,000
Tooting £1,310,000
Torbay £1,021,000
Torridge and West Devon £690,000
Totnes £757,000
Tottenham £2,935,000
Truro and Falmouth £668,000
Tunbridge Wells £546,000
Twickenham £739,000
Tynemouth £989,000
Uxbridge and South Ruislip £1,326,000
Vauxhall £2,001,000
Wakefield £1,001,000
Wallasey £1,980,000
Walsall North £1,940,000
Walsall South £1,753,000
Walthamstow £2,151,000
Wansbeck £1,184,000
Wantage £653,000
Warley £1,985,000
Warrington North £918,000
Warrington South £728,000
Warwick and Leamington £644,000
Washington and Sunderland West £1,701,000
Watford £762,000
Waveney £1,111,000
Wealden £475,000
Weaver Vale £1,111,000
Wellingborough £1,043,000
Wells £598,000
Welwyn Hatfield £820,000
Wentworth and Dearne £1,438,000
West Bromwich East £1,412,000
West Bromwich West £1,506,000
West Dorset £610,000
West Ham £4,429,000
West Lancashire £1,081,000
West Suffolk £668,000
West Worcestershire £590,000
Westminster North £2,512,000
Westmorland and Lonsdale £295,000
Weston-Super-Mare £1,165,000
Wigan £1,239,000
Wimbledon £657,000
Winchester £546,000
Windsor £460,000
Wirral South £888,000
Wirral West £883,000
Witham £526,000
Witney £613,000
Woking £596,000
Wokingham £467,000
Wolverhampton North East £1,732,000
Wolverhampton South East £1,863,000
Wolverhampton South West £1,018,000
Worcester £1,000,000
Workington £710,000
Worsley and Eccles South £1,637,000
Worthing West £460,000
Wycombe £665,000
Wyre and Preston North £646,000
Wyre Forest £918,000
Wythenshawe and Sale East £1,895,000
Yeovil £847,000
York Central £757,000
York Outer £451,000

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Antelope v Mountain Biker Round 1 – with Video – might be the best video I’ve seen this year

So you are in a mountain bike race and usually your main fears are falling off and scraping your knee. You don’t usually fear a wild antelope coming out and taking you out with a boom but that is what happened to Evan van der Spuy as he blind-sided during the Time Freight Express MTB race at Albert Falls Dam.

All sorts of awesome.

He was fine and was released from hospital after a few hours of observation.

So lesson for you all out there. Wear a helmet as it may save your life. Certainly if wild antelope are near…

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