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Day: October 11, 2011

Steve Cotterill set for Nottingham Forest job and Pompey fans don’t seem to care

The people of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas hold their breath. Another club wants their manager. Time for the messageboards to get into overdrive and wild gnashing of teeth but wait what do we have here? We seem to have a peaceful and serene state of affairs with more offers to drive him up to Nottingham than to kidknap him until he agrees to stay on as the man in charge of the club.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that I’m not a Steve Cotterill guy. I never have been and I never will be. Rightly or wrongly unless I can either like a guy on a personal level or I see progress on the field then I just can’t like them. Many PFC disliked Yoshi and Rudonja but they both were very nice people off the field and did everything the club asked of them so even though they didn’t work out as players on the field I’ll always like them.

Manager wise in my time I’ve seen a few but I have liked most. Those that I haven’t is because I didn’t see progress. I felt for Terry Fenwick as he was lumped with some awful players from Australia and Alain Perrin had little to no control over signings so what can you do? Jim Smith I loved because you can’t help but love him and he put together the most exciting team of my youth. Had luck shined ever so slightly differently he would have both promoted Portsmouth to the Premier League and won the FA Cup with a team from outside the top flight. Alan Ball is one of the greatest people ever let alone managers. The job he did when he took over a side seven points adrift is nothing short of miraculous and whatever you think of Harry Redknapp you could see the on field product getting better.

Heck even though Avram Grant oversaw our demise out of the top flight he was kinda badly hamstrung but still gave us memories. Cotterill lovers (the few that exist) will say that Grant’s squad was good enough to stay up so why did we as fans like him but then when you point out Pompey’s team in the Championship under Cotterill was the best 1-11 in the division they stonewall you.

I have seen no progress in Pompey under Cotterill. He is not likeable and blames everyone under the sun bar himself for anything bad that happens. If I had seen something then I’d be more willing to overlook the fact that he isn’t likeable but close defeats are still defeats and close defeats whilst playing garbage is even worse. I can deal with losing if we lost whilst trying to entertain and score goals but we don’t do that. I know so many that don’t go to games any more not because we lose a lot but because the prices are sky high and there’s no passion out there.

I have watched some god awful Pompey teams in my time but thoroughly enjoyed the experience because even though the players were rubbish they gave their all. Nowadays I see a lot of people on high wages who couldn’t give a toss. Is that the fault of the manager? No but do you get a sense of team spirit from the club? No you don’t and some of that can be put at the feet of the man in charge.

Steve Cotterill is another one of those managers with a great pedigree but have actually done very little to have earned it. He has won less than 30% of his games in charge at Portsmouth and it’s not like the club doesn’t have some half decent players. Steve Cotterill as a manager has less than a 30% winning percentage in any league above League 1 in three different stops as manager. That to me doesn’t scream out that he’s my guy.

If Nottingham Forest want him then I couldn’t care less and would probably be happy to see him go. Who comes in I have no idea and no doubt whoever comes in might be worse than Steve Cotterill but as a Pompey fan – like many – I suspect I’m willing to risk it.

Steve Cotterill is odds on to become the next Nottingham Forest manager at the time of writing.

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Tory led Essex County Council vote not to allow the general public to speak at council meetings

Today a debate and vote was held at Essex County Council HQ as to whether Council meetings should be opened up more with members of the general public being allowed to engage with the councillors directly in open council proceedings. The Tories were against such a plan as they were very much of the belief that they know best and that the general public are a bit smelly and annoying. I may have made up the reasoning although if it was me they were thinking of then I am both smelly and annoying so it would have been fair.

Anyway sidestepping away from talking about my own issues this highlights a problem that we have. I know we elect councillors to do a job but sometimes being able to ask questions to them directly and in front of other councillors would be a great thing. It would stop councillors being able to ignore people they didn’t want to speak to. I know it would have to be managed so it didn’t turn into a free-for-all but it was something that would make council meeting more inviting to people and stop the thoughts that councillors just do what is best for them and have the attitude of sod the electorate.

The leader of the opposition on the council and leader of the Liberal Democrats on Essex County Council agrees:

“The comments made today by nearly all of the many Conservatives who spoke in the debate demonstrate a level of arrogance and complacency that is almost impossible to comprehend. There are many District and Borough Councils across Essex and all the other County Councils in the East of England that have had such a permanent and designated spot for members of the public for several years. We are only asking for something that the public is getting already from most other councils anyway, yet the Conservatives at County Hall chose instead to continue to gag the public of Essex.

“The Council really must improve its public engagement to demonstrate it wants Essex residents and council taxpayers to be included in the democratic process in a real and meaningful way. There is no direct public involvement at the decision-making level of the County Council and the public is only involved when specifically invited in. This was the acid test for the Conservatives to show, in practical terms, that they are interested in hearing and responding to what the public has to say; sadly they failed.

“The Conservative talk of localism and devolvement of power to the people is clearly just talk. The Conservatives are simply not to be trusted on this issue.”

So there we have it. Yet another opportunity spurned by the Tories locally to actually listen to what the general public have to say. Maybe they don’t want to hear what they have to say because they know they wouldn’t like it. That would be bad but I have a feeling it is far more to do with the fact that they couldn’t give a damn and that is far worse.

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