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Chocolate Brownies – A potential Great British Bake-Off dish?

Well folks. Last night I was presented with some chocolate brownies. It’s not often cooks for me (and the understatement of the year awards goes to…) and I had in all honesty forgotten that I was being cooked for but wrapped in tin foil were two lots of chocolate brownies. The person who baked them for me said that she may enter the Great British Bake-Off (not sure if she was being serious here or not) but either way she wanted a review of her product so I thought I’d do it very publicly.

Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies

Pulling back the tin foil I am hit with a favourable aroma as a waft of chocolate enters my nasal passage. I look at the brownies at the first thing that strikes me is the oeros broken up and placed on top. I find this disconcerting and the white stuff over the oeros takes me the best part of a minute to work out it was the inside of the oeros. Visually it looks a bit wrong but I’m not a man whose going to be put off by some weird white stuff over a brownie so I tuck it.

First thing I notice is the brownie is nice and moist. Just how a brownie should be. The teeth shouldn’t have to work and just a gentle ease down of the jaw should see the teeth sink slowly into the brownie. Then you get the sharpness of the oero which breaks up the smoothness of the base. You are unable to taste the inners of the oero so all they do is put you off visually.

Within moment I realise that all three in that parcel are gone and have gone down in a flash. The chocolate at the bottom of the brownies for me could be a tad more thick and sickly as personally if you are going chocolatey then I want it to be thick and gooey. The top half of the brownie was nigh on perfect and as for the oeros – a nice idea that possibly would play better within the brownie itself and not stuck on top at the end – although how this would play out in baking I do not know.

Overall I’d give these brownies a more than solid 8/10. Considering I didn’t pay for them I should be grateful anyway but if I’d paid money for these in a bakery I wouldn’t be disappointed and would go back for more the next time I fancied a chocolate brownie. The white stuff from the inners of the oero weren’t for me and having a crunch inside the brownie instead of on top would have been ideal but it was a fine example of the chocolate brownie and if I’m needed to test out any future recipes then my stomach is ready.

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