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Day: August 29, 2011

Dr Evan Harris, David Allen Green & Chris Bryant are all sexist for being mean to poor Nadine Dorries.

Sometimes I look at these names and wonder how they sleep at night or even look at themselves in the mirror. I mean Dr Evan Harris is a former MP for pete sake, David Allen Green is a lawyer and Chris Bryant is a former man of God and even he is a sexist eejit. Going after poor Nadine Dorries. What has she ever done to them? I mean really guys you should all know better.

Oh hang on…my brain is calling, ‘what’s that? You mean that Nadine Dorries often talks out of her rear end and is a fair target of ridicule? Oh I did not know this. Maybe I should clarify what on Earth this blog post is going to be about. Thank you brain for the interruption’.

Earlier this afternoon during an advert break in Man v Food day I was pointed to read this blog post entitled Nadine Dorries is a victim of Lib-Lab sexism in which the author names the three people from the first paragraph and labels them sexist for one simple reason. They are against what Nadine Dorries is proposing on abortion to introduce a new ‘independent’ counselling service to women who are considering an abortion. They are sexist because they have targeted her and not a Labour MP Frank Field who is also backing the plan.

These three men have called Dorries ‘mad’ ‘illiberal’ and ‘misguided’ and that means they are sexist. Oh pur-lease. Look I have got into trouble for calling people illiberal in the past but I don’t think I’ve been called sexist because of it (been called many other things mind you) and calling someone mad is not sexist. If a woman called a man mad then would it be perceived as sexist? And misguided are you freaking kidding me? Anyone – and I do mean anyone – who thinks that calling someone misguided could ever be classed as sexism on its own is truly a snap crackle and pop of a tasty breakfast treat.

However that isn’t the most bullshit part of the blog post. Let me quote, ‘What is ‘mad’ about a policy which seeks to give women a real choice, which the ‘pro-choice’ lobby profess to support, while anyone with half a brain (who hasn’t been aborted) knows that ‘pro-choice’ is simply a euphemism for ‘pro-abortion’?

Well I have a whole brain. It don’t work so good but it is still there rattling inside of my skull. I am very much in the ‘Pro Choice’ camp and I’m going to stun you all now. That doesn’t mean I’m ‘Pro Abortion’ it means that I think that parents should have the choice. Of course thanks to the way biology is the female of the species will get the ultimate choice and even if a father wants to keep a baby but the mother doesn’t then the mother can terminate the pregnancy. Women will always get the final say.

There are plenty of unplanned pregnancies out there. I was an unplanned pregnancy. As far as I know only one of my siblings was wanted and planned. I could have been terminated but I wasn’t and I was brought up in a loving home and all was right with the world. However that isn’t the same for every unplanned pregnancy. Every single situation is different and not everything can be straitjacketed into the same legislation. I do think people should have the choice and get the proper advice.

On the surface these changes would be minor but how can people estimate that this would mean 60,000 less abortions each year. That means that Dorries and Field and anyone backing this bill believes that 60,000 people are having terminations even though they do not want to. It means that on 60,000 occasions these charities bully people into having a termination. 60,000 a year. That means what 5,000 a month, 1,000 odd a week and around 15 potential mothers each day coerced into an abortion just so these charities can get extra money.

Look I just don’t buy it. If that was truly the case then people would have come up and said this before. I have seen no Panorama on this or any newspaper investigation. If 60,000 people are terminating babies against their true will each year then someone would have said something. It reeks of a arbitrary number made up by those who are backing the bill to make it seem a bigger deal than it actually is.

Biologically I’m not going to have a kid. I have the old meat and two veg (not that I ever use them) so I’m rather unlikely to feel the changes if it goes down the way Dorries & Field want. Whatever happens though I think it’s of vital importance that no-one from either side put any pressure on anyone to make a decision without the full facts. Bringing a child into the world is quite possibly the biggest thing humans can do and it is the biggest commitment anyone can ever take in life. Even if a kid is unplanned they can be the biggest blessing in life but if they are unwanted then the future might not be so rosy.

However this goes down it will piss some people off. That is the nature of life. What I can say in conclusion is that these three gentlemen are not sexist for having their opinions of Dorries’ politics or personal traits and calling Dorries a victim of Lib-Lab sexism is the biggest misleading headline a blog post has ever seen – well maybe until this one – but this one was clearly sarcastic.

Pro Choice boys and girls. It is the way forward. Every potential mother deserves the best information and counselling that can be mustered. How we go about that I am not an expert but it doesn’t seem as though the status quo is terribly flawed.

Last but not least I do not consider any legislation that would make an abortion illegal as something I could even contemplate. I have a feeling plenty of right-wing folk would like this but this is not something I could even comprehend. The sight of girls languishing in American jails for having an abortion both sickens and repulses me. It scares me that some people can really think like this. It really does and that my friends (or foes – I have no idea who is reading this) is coming from the fingers connected to the brain of a kid who was brought up the son of a Methodist Superintendent so I know all about the church and what God says…

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