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Arsenal (and Spurs fans) start to get anxious about the season.

The world of twitter has opened my brain up to 100s of new people and their thoughts. Some of them are extremely interesting, some are partizan, some I follow just to keep tabs on the latest rubbish but this afternoon it has been a rather interesting insight into the football fan. Both Spurs and Arsenal fans have called for their managers head after terrible results and fans of other teams have been gloating about how bad those two teams are and how Harry and Arsene need to go.

Now the Spurs fans are being complete morons because whatever I think about Harry Redknapp you have to admit he has done a fine job with the club. They have played two league games this season against the two best teams in the league and it’s not even close. The two Manchester teams are by far and away the best sides in the league and that is no disrespect to Chelsea or Liverpool or anyone else but it is not even close. To call for Harry’s head at this point just reeks of people not understanding football. You can’t win every single game and losing two games to two fine teams is nothing to call for a managers head for. So that is just pathetic.

Now on to Arsene Wenger. They still haven’t recovered from the Carling Cup defeat and we can all see that. It is plain for everyone to see and Arsene Wenger is under serious pressure but something I have always said is you have to trust someone who has done it before and give them ample opportunity to turn it around. I know some would throw it back at me that I’m not a Steve Cotterill fan and that I should give him a chance but Steve Cotterill’s track record is not that of Arsene Wenger – not by a long shot.

So should Wenger go? Well I don’t think in this era of Transfer Windows we have seen a more important 100 odd hours. Arsenal fans have to remember that when Arsene came into Arsenal they were a big club but they had to change. He helped oversee the move to a new stadium and has made the club financially stable and secure going forward. He has done that his way and it has been successful. Now though he has to spend money or he won’t be able to be successful any more.

I don’t care that he hasn’t won a trophy for five years and for a club the size of Arsenal that isn’t acceptable. That’s BS in my book. There are only a handful of trophies out there each season and you can’t win them all. As a fan of a club who don’t exactly win that many trophies – although we did in 2008 – I know that trophies are not the be all and end all. It is about the roller-coaster of emotions and entertainment of following a football team.

Fan of clubs who are always in the hunt get greedy. They always want more. Wenger has done it before and can do it again but Arsenal fans might be at the tipping point. All I’ll say is be careful what you wish for. Be very careful.

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