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Nick Clegg doused in blue paint in Glasgow

So it seems as though a person who doesn’t like Nick Clegg has poured blue paint all over the Deputy PM at an event in Glasgow this evening. Nick Clegg shrugged his shoulders and laughed it off. The rumour on twitter is that Stuart Rodger is the man who has been arrested and all you can say is what a tit if indeed this proves to be the case. Although whoever did it is a complete tit. Whoever did it may have thought they were making a stand against Nick Clegg but really?

Whatever you think about Clegg and his policies all you are doing is getting yourself a criminal record and make some members of the electorate feel sorry for Nick Clegg. Remember John Major won an election in 1992 in no small part because people felt sorry for him. He had a line as long as pension day in the post office lined up behind him to stab him in the back and the electorate liked his demeanour and fact that he just carried on.

Nick Clegg isn’t popular with a vast array of people but my mantra is treat people how you’d like to be treated yourself. Would you like to have blue paint thrown all over you in public without your consent? No. No you wouldn’t. If you don’t have basic principles then you are just a bit of a loser.

No doubt the blue paint is meant to signify that he’s a Tory but this story will be done within 24hours and will be chip paper come Friday night. The only person who’ll face serious consequences is the offender himself who has decided to screw up his future for a few seconds of personal satisfaction.

I hope it was worth it. One day you’ll grow up and realise what a fool you have been. At the age of 20 you’d think you had already grown up enough to not do something so stupid but it seems that some people are close blinkered they can’t see the big picture.

Just like those caught up in the quote/unquote ‘UK Riots’ – a few fleeting moments of ecstasy that will lead to a lifetime of regret.

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  1. shuggery shuggery

    “So if they got murdered then that would be fine too as they deserve everything they get… It doesn’t matter what they get – they’ll deserve it…

    Oh boy…”

    What are you gibberin about…. who says anything about murdering people ? He got a bit of what.

    • neilmonnery neilmonnery

      See that is exactly my point. It is a non-story and the only one to suffer will be the offender. As for the quote above someone said they deserve everything they get. Not just a paint attack but implied that whatever is done to them/him is fair game. I took it to the nth degree but you can’t say that whatever anyone gets is fair game surely…

  2. neilmonnery neilmonnery

    So if they got murdered then that would be fine too as they deserve everything they get… It doesn’t matter what they get – they’ll deserve it…

    Oh boy…

  3. rob rob

    shame it wasnt a whole pot of paint, good on that man. Those turncoats deserve everything they get

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