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Kate Hoey really does talk out of her rear end at times…

Kate Hoey is fun. She may not be that bright but she sure is fun. The Labour MP for Vauxhall is back in the news for claiming that Sally Bercow should give the money she is making from appearing on Celebrity Big Brother to the tax man as she gets to live rent free thanks to the tax man. Whilst that is true she only lives where she lives thanks to her husband’s position. If the Bercow’s split up then it would be Sally who’d have to move out.

It just smells to me like Kate Hoey vying for some attention. This is the woman who famously was against London holding the Olympics because she thought Paris was better. How about not shitting on your own doorstep Hoey?

I am neutral to Sally Bercow and couldn’t give two hoots what she does but she isn’t in a job paid for by the state and therefore whatever she does she should be allowed to do without interference from the state. No doubt the tax man will take some of the earnings off her like he will to all Celebrity Big Brother contestants but just because she’s married to a man who gets a free home thanks to his job it doesn’t mean she should be bound by more red tape?

This isn’t the 1800s Hoey. This is modern Britain. Mrs Bercow should be able to do whatever she damn well likes when representing herself in a personal capacity. If you don’t like that then tough.

To end an old favourite as Brian Paddick describes Kate Hoey…

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