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Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal look like kids amongst men – and they are!

I am an Arsene Wenger fan. I have up most respect for what he has done at Arsenal. My lot are stuck in the Championship and don’t look like getting out of it any time soon. Therefore I have no horse in the Premier League race but my sympathies are with the Arsenal and I hope they do well. Why you ask? Because they try to play the beautiful game.

However if I was an Arsenal fan this evening sitting at home waiting for The X Factor to start I’d not be a very happy bunny. (Seriously why is The X Factor starting already? The X Factor should be on when it’s dark and summer has moved on and the autumn chill in the air is prevalent).

This afternoon I watched the Arsenal v Liverpool game and the moment Frimpong got booked everyone knew he was seeing red at some point. He was lucky it was only a second yellow as in all honesty it was a straight red challenge.

Arsenal never looked like winning the game. They looked like a team devoid of confidence. Watching them this afternoon was like watching me on a dance floor around pretty women I don’t know. Awkward and distinctly uncomfortable. You knew nothing good was going to come of it but you dare not look away incase something dramatic happened.

Watching Arsenal you have to start to really fear for them. Yes everything could come good but I worry that they’ll not and Wednesday’s game at Udinese for a Champions League spot looks more than a tricky game and more like a bazillion bananas skins and all the Arsenal players are in bare feet and the pitch is made of lino that has only just been washed.

The transfer window shuts at the end of the month and if Arsenal are to do anything this season then they simply have to make moves. Defensively they looked solid enough today but there was no guile in midfield and that was the most worrying aspect of the whole match. If Arsenal can’t open a team up then you have to seriously worry.

Also it seems as though Arsene made a deal with the devil at some point and suddenly on Carling Cup Final day the devil called in the deal. Then this off-season Arsene didn’t pay up and he has decided the best way to get back at the Frenchman is to keep injuring defenders. The injury devil is working overtime with the Arsenal back line. Surely Arsene is scared to pay £15million for Jagielka or Cahill then they’ll be injured and out for the season within half an hour of their debut.

Being a Pompey fan isn’t easy but I’m used to us sucking the club being run by morons but Arsenal fans aren’t used to it and they must not be enjoying themselves tonight…

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