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The UK Riots – A short video with two young Londoners

I was forwarded an e-mail from Ipsos Mori this AM inviting me to watch a short video with Georgie and Tashan – two young Londoners about what they felt was behind the unrest of last week. It was an interesting insight into what young people think.

It is probably worth three of so minutes of your time. The video in behind this link and you’ll need the password ‘ipsosmori’ to view.

The things that I get out of it are:

*Georgie thinks that Mark Duggan was loved. I would say it is more the police were hated and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

*Tashan makes what I think it a great point about how single mum’s are working all hours of the day to keep a roof over her families heads and therefore they aren’t around to tell kids what is right or wrong. This is a fantastic point and something I think a lot of us overlook. All we think of are the layabout mothers but they are in the minority. A lot of single mums are out there trying to earn a living and doing low paid jobs for very long hours. These are the people that need our support and not our disapproval.

*Georgie says it wasn’t a gang thing. Without a doubt she’s right. The Prime Minister is trying to make it out to be but that is a crock of you know what and it just a placebo to get the rest of society to back his more right-wing views to ‘declare war’ on the gangs. Look gangs are not good at all but this wasn’t a gang problem.

*Georgie also says it was police versus citizens. No it was police v the non-law abiding.

*Georgie also says everybody thought about looting. No they didn’t. A lot of people wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

*Tashan also says that the looters didn’t realise what they were doing until they saw it on TV. They just didn’t think and that is the crux of the problem. Some people just weren’t thinking.

Anyway have a watch and make up your own minds.

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