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Day: August 8, 2011

The north London rioters are they for real?

So I’ve kept pretty quiet on these north London riots mainly due to the fact that I have been a bit out of the loop over the weekend. However can I just say that I really don’t understand some people. Some people are truly nuts and/or they just don’t think about what they are doing. Ok so you have a problem with the police and think they pick on you and are a bunch of arseholes. What do you do? Well you burn out Carpet Right – yea that’s what you do – that’ll learn them.

What utter bullshit.

I know people are unhappy. People are usually unhappy. Creating fear amongst your own community though is no way to deal with that. What is pretty clear is that rioters in this situation (and in other similar riots across London both this weekend and last year) are just people out and about spoiling for some fun. They aren’t anarchists they are just bored and think that a bit of fire and a brawl with the cops will be a jolly good night out. Every generation goes through it and sadly for us our generation is going through it without much justification.

Yes there was an incident on Thursday which seems to have been the spark that lit the torch paper but we still don’t know what happened there. Reports are sketchy at best and there is a very real possibility that the police did something very wrong – or very right – we just don’t know. Instead of trying to get to the bottom of it though in a mature mentality this was the chance for those disaffected with life to take it out on their own community. Talk about community spirit being worth naff all these days. People would have been setting fire to premises of businesses that are owned by and are worked at by their neighbours and friends. By starting this violence they are scaring good people and implanting a fear into their own community?

Do these people give a rats arse?

Of course they don’t. They only care about themselves and having a good time (and being able to nick some stuff to make their own lives that wee bit better).

All these riots have shown is just how selfish many people are today (and sadly if I’m being honest the majority of these rioters are younger people). They only care about one thing and that isn’t justice for Mark Duggan or his family – it is about what is in it for them and them alone. If they cared about Mark Duggan or the community at large they would face the problem head on and in a mature way. Instead they light fires and attack the police physically and the community at large mentally.

These rioters are just selfish scum bags. If they cared about anyone else then they would not be doing what they are doing.

I hope we get the truth about what happened to Mark Duggan for his family and for the community at large but what is going on now is only slowing the process down. This is not a situation where rioting does any good whatsoever it is just a situation which gives disaffected people the opportunity to act like immature brats – a role they seemingly need little practice to pull off.

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