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Shoebury Police get tough on crime. Well they don’t but if you steal two bottles of booze three months ago they’ll go to the press.

Just a quick one here. I do have a couple of longer blog posts penciled in for later today but I saw the following story entitled CCTV of suspected thief in the local rag just now and I am just sitting here in disbelief.

Firstly the offence is stealing £20 worth a booze. Not exactly crime of the century. Secondly it is a CCTV still and not a CCTV video showing if he stole said booze. Thirdly the offence happened on May 2. Now looking at my calendar it tells me that today is July 25. So the best part of three months has gone by and now Shoebury Police are thinking it is time for a media appeal to get this dangerous man.



It says something that the usual hilarious commentators on the Southend Echo website are mostly quiet and the ones who have said anything are taking the piss. I simply cannot believe that a police officer is really wasting her time on such a case. I know Southend isn’t exactly at the centre of crime but the best part of 13 weeks and still no breakthrough in this case and they want to move the case forward?

The next thing you know they’ll go all CSI on us and target people who drop a chip along the seafront and assign four officers to exhaust all avenues of enquiries to get the litter bug.

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