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Rebekah Brooks arrested. Big deal, small deal or no deal at all?

So whilst sitting on Southend Central Railway Platform 2 this lunchtime with the rain lashing down I check twitter on the iPhone and Rebekah Brooks had been arrested. Twitter was full of joyful overtones. However when these people put brains in gear they’ll understand that this arrest was a) always going to happen and importantly b) the timing was highly questionable to say the least.

The timing – by appointment – on a Sunday is not standard procedure at all. Also the arrest coming two days before she was meant to face questioning before the Select Committee over phone hacking puts that appearance in both major jeaopary and even if she does turn up the questions she can answer will now be severely limited.

The arrest by itself is no deal at all. We all knew that she would be arrested at some point. People need to remember that being arrested, being charged and being convicted of any crime are three very very very different things entirely.

The only deal about this is the timing. The timing is extremely interesting and the Met need to come out and explain the timing quick sharpish or the conspiracy theorists will have a field day – and the way the public think at the moment the conspiracy theorists will be given the time of day by the Great British public.

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  1. Can’t help but think, what a shame the AV vote was before this all kicked off. Maybe Cameron wouldn’t have been able to play the NI card if it was still to come!

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