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News of the World shutdown but how long until we see a The Sunday Sun?

James Murdoch has just released a statement stating that this Sunday’s edition of the News of the World will be it’s last and that all profits from this Sunday’s edition will be given to charity. This is obviously jaw-dropping stuff and is quite a radical decision by News International to get rid of the most popular newspaper in the country on a Sunday due to one investigation – but not really one investigation but one section of the affair. The tipping point was reached and the company knew that the waters would be rough and they clearly think the name is mud and it will be recover however News International aren’t stupid.

What are the odds of News International either starting up a new brand in the near future after a bit of a lull or The Sun starting up The Sunday Sun to pick up the slack. There is a huge market there and whatever anyone says people will buy that newspaper. The Sun at this point is not tainted with the issues of the News of the World and they could start up that newspaper with a relatively clean slate.

All I can say at this point is that these are very very interesting times in the media.

The future of Rebekah Brooks must now be in real question. If Murdoch is happy to shutdown a newspaper surely he’ll get rid of the former editor of the newspaper who oversaw the whole affair? Surely…?

I thought Brooks would survive. I really did but it looks as though her time is running out…

More on this no doubt in the next few days.

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