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Milly Dowler’s voicemail intercepted and deleted by the News of the World. Can the newspaper get more disgusting?

I spent three years at university studying how to be a journalist. I was apparently half decent but life took me elsewhere. One thing I would never do was cross that moral bridge to the other side. There are always limits. However it seems as though the News of the World under Rebekah Brooks nee Wade and Andy Coulson didn’t just cross that moral bridge – they crossed it, blew up said bridge then jumped in a fast car and drove so far that they disappeared over the vanishing point on the horizon to ensure that they couldn’t even see the moral bridge that they had blown up.

Today The Guardian has revealed that Missing Milly Dowler’s voicemail was hacked by News of the World. If true – and I stress the if – but in all honesty I have zero – absolutely zero reason to believe that The Guardian is wrong – then it might just be the most disgusting thing that I have ever witnessed in the media. Yes hacking ‘celebrities’ is bad enough but interfering with a missing persons case – someone who in fact had been brutally murdered is just beyond low.

Whoever did this must not be able to look themselves in the mirror each morning and night. The editors of the newspaper are a disgrace not only to the profession but to mankind itself. I know that sounds strong – and maybe it is – but really how can you oversee someone not only breaking the law but interfering in a serious criminal case just so that you can get ahead with a story. Talk about throwing not only justice – but also potentially stopping the successful recovery of the victim – which at the time was only a missing person and not a murder victim. Had Dowler still been alive but the NotW’s actions hindered her successful recovery then I just don’t know. I’m sitting here shaking my head is disbelief.

I am fuming that the scum of the Earth could sink just so low. I knew the newspaper was bad but really this is just on another level to anything that we had knew they had done. The people in charge should face criminal charges and if the world was fair then Murdoch would get rid of Brooks as fast as possible. However as we all know this won’t happen and the most powerful woman in the UK media will survive and carry on uneffected.

I don’t believe in heaven or hell but in a way I hope that it is true so people like her and everyone else directly involved in this can spend the rest of eternity thinking about what they have done in excruiating pain.

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    Well played Sir. Well played…

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    Sorry, ‘Newspaper?’

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