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I’m an idiot – official

I believed in David Haye. I believed his hype. I believed that it wasn’t just trash talk to sell a fight. I believed that he’d really go for it and try and knock Wladimir Klitschko out. Instead what we were served up with on Saturday night was a pathetic limp performance from a man who had said so much but delivered so little.

Had I spent £14.95 on the fight then I’d have been pissed off (I didn’t – I watched for free on Al-Jeezera 3) but had I spent serious money to follow Haye to Hamburg then I’d be absolutely fuming. At least when Hatton was outclassed in Vegas to Pacquiao and Mayweather he tried and went out on his shield. Haye went out with in a shambolic limp-wristed excuse-ridden display.

David Haye was a great cruiserweight and an undisputed champion but at heavyweight he has done very little. He won a paper title and defended it twice against guys that he should have beaten easily – neither of which in all honesty deserved to be in a ring with a World Heavyweight Champion.

The 30 year-old has said he’d retire at 31 for an eon. We all know boxers say they are going to retire but rarely do. Haye though has nothing to box for except money. His career defining fight is behind him and his career is in tatters. Who else is out there and more importantly who wants to watch him anymore?

Boxing needed a showman but it needed a showman with the heart to go with the words. Boxing does not have that with David Haye. For all the vitriol hurled at Audley Harrison by the public and David Haye himself after their fight in December, Haye should get the same. A broken toe is an excuse but a pathetic one.

Where does David Haye and Boxing go from here? I am not sure but the former is done and the latter is on life support,

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