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Day: July 2, 2011

Haye-Klitschko – The Official The Rambles of Neil Monnery Pick

David Haye talks. He talks a lot. He sells the fight well but he hasn’t done a lot at heavyweight level. Wladimir Klitschko has 49 KOs at heavyweight and has been Champion for years. Looking at this you’d think I’d be going for the Ukrainian but you’d be wrong.

This fight reminds me a whole lot of one of the biggest domestic superfights of the modern era – Nigel Benn v Chris Eubank. Eubank was brash and whilst having faced a decent calibre of opponents he didn’t have a record that showed he was in Benn’s class. However he had talked his way into the fight and when it came to fight night it was Eubank who won by stopping Benn in the 9th.

Haye was the champion down at cruiserweight and he was the undisputed champion. He went to France and stopped Jean-Marc Mormeck and also battered a shell-shocked Enzo Maccrinelli in the second round at the O2 Arena. We know Haye has power but we’ve also seen at heavy he can be hurt. Monte Barrett hurt him. Yes Monte Barrett and in his last three fights he hasn’t fought anyone who can hurt him. Wladimir can.

I don’t see this one going the distance. I see the fight ending with someone on their backside. Who well I’m not sure. Wladmir is rightly the favourite but I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say Haye tags him early and stops him in the mid-rounds. It wouldn’t stun me if both fighters hit the deck at some point in this fight. The interesting thing is Haye seems to have a very good plan for every fight he’s been in and if that plan is as good as usual then he has a real chance.

The Official Pick: Haye by KO – Mid-Late Round.

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