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That Ed Miliband interview…video and comment

Ed Miliband is pretty poor at his job in my opinion. I have said it before and will probably say it again. Some people agree and some people disagree and that is fair enough. However what I don’t think too many can honestly disagree with is that Ed Miliband is not great in front of the camera and when videos like the one embedded into this blog post come out then you can see why.

To read the full story please click here as ITV’s Damon Green recounts the full tale. In short he was doing a pool interview for ITV, BBC and Sky yesterday morning with Ed Miliband to get his viewpoint on the strikes. As you’ll see in the video Ed has one formulaic answer and whatever he is asked he always drags it back to the same answer he has clearly rehearsed and had been approved by his advisers.

Where I think Ed Miliband falls down is that people can see through this. Yes in this world of spin we have come to expect answers to have been practised but with the leader of the Labour Party you fell that everything has been rehearsed and nothing is off the cuff and conversational.

That is how I see it and if Ed Miliband ever went up against David Cameron and/or Nick Clegg in live TV debates then quite frankly he would be taken to the cleaners and the public would not vote for him. Being good at your job is important but in this era being able to show to the country that you would be good at being PM is just as important and unless Ed M learns quickly then he’ll never look or sound like a man who could lead this country and the public know it.

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