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The truth behind *that* photo

So unless you have been living under a rock (or aren’t north American/have interest in north American news) then you’ll know all about the ‘kissing couple’ photo from the Vancouver Riots last week. When the hometown Vancouver Canucks lost Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins violence erupted downtown in the Canadian city. Petrol Bombs, Riot Police, it was the standard thing however the following photo emerged that a couple had other things on their mind whilst the city burned…

Kissing Couple
Vancouver Riots Kissing Couple...?

Picture courtesy Getty Images/Yahoo

However the man involved has ended his silence and not is all that is seems…

Speaking on NBC’s Today programme 29 year-old Australian Scott Jones claims that he was just comforting his girlfriend after the police had battered her over the head. Yes it seems as though one of the best photographs I’ve seen in a long while is due in part to an over-zealous riot policeman.

The report over on Yahoo News also has a video of the incident and shows that their account is accurate and that his girlfriend was hit by a policeman and fell to the ground. He lay on top of her to protect her and two officers stood over them until they decided to leave them alone. It is clear that the photo was not staged despite mounting conspiracy theories claiming otherwise.

It is just a lucky thing that this story ended up far better than the Ian Tomlinson one but one day riot police are going to start understanding that they can’t just hit people. PC Simon Harwood may find that out when he gets his day in court but the whole role of riot police needs to be looked at. People will die unless the police find new tactics to deal with these types of problems.

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