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Theft from bin woman given conditional discharge

Most of you will remember the story a few months ago of the 22 year-old from Chelmsford who had been arrested and charged with theft from a bin after a supermarket threw out lots of frozen food after a power cut in store.

Sasha Hall lived about the Tesco Express in Chelmsford and when the shop chucked out so much good stock the bin was inundated with visitors who plundered the goods. The unlucky Hall was the only one who was identified and subsequently arrested and charged with theft.

She denied theft but admitted handling stolen goods at a hearing at the end of May. A guilty plea for possession of a small quantity of cannabis was also entered. The judge has given the supermarket worker a conditional discharge with the theft case being left on file for twelve months. Should she not break any of the conditions then that charge will be scrubbed from her record.

It brings an end to what was a pointless case and yet another example of a jobsworth desperate to cause trouble. Considering according to multiple reports locally at the time there were several people involved in taking food from this bin in question, it makes you think if this was a personal vendetta from someone who didn’t like Miss Hall.

It is a joke but I am sure in this current era where people are too scared to be seen to be soft on crime I am a bit surprised she wasn’t given the death penalty.

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  1. Stories like this sadden me. A pointless case in my opinion – As the food was going to be wasted in landfill anyway, why shouldn’t Miss Hall or anyone else help themselves? *sigh*

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