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Ryan Giggs cheats on his wife with the wife of his brother. Should we give a damn?

So Ryan Giggs isn’t the squeaky clean footballer that has adorned the walls of both little boys and little girls for the best part of two decades. He is in fact a bit of an arse. I couldn’t care less about his personal life as I don’t know him personally but is that right and there are certainly more guilty people in this story.

Firstly I’ll put a quick line about whether I should care or not. It is a tricky one because he’s done nothing illegal as far as I can tell. He has not broken the rules of being a footballer. It is a such but deep down the only people who should care are people who know him personally and sponsors who have bought into that carefully created image/lie. This is different to say the Jim Tressel case where he broke the rules of the sport and therefore lost his job. There are a section of fans who marched on his home over the weekend to show their support for their ousted leader. Being a cheat in their minds doesn’t matter – only winning and beating Michigan..

So secondly I’m asking myself why the wife of his brother is getting no stick. It takes two to tango folks. This woman is just as filthy and tainted as Giggs. Yes the Manchester United midfielder cheated on his wife and did the dirty behind his brothers back for years but the wife also cheated on her husband with his brother for years. It would make one hell of a Jeremy Kyle episode but because it is to do with a footballer it is tabloidtastic and not just for the million or so viewers watching the daytime ITV1 show.

Cheating happens. Sadly that is a fact of life. A significant number of people will cheat on their partners. I can’t really get worked up over it. I hope it never happens to me and I fully expect that I would never do it to anyone but it is so common I just ask myself ‘why is it news?’

Of course I know the answer – because it is Ryan Giggs. However the public don’t need to care and if they do then the woman involved deserves as much shame as Giggs himself. They are both what I’d call bad human beings. They aren’t evil but they are bad. I suspect if they have any moral fibre then they wouldn’t be able to look themselves in the mirror – but that is a big if folks. That is a very big if.

But it is a problem for them and those close to the story. It isn’t for me or for you. Ryan Giggs’ personal life should not bother us one jot. So he’s a bit false – he won’t be the first and he won’t be the last but remember he isn’t the only one to blame – but he is the only one to blame with a public image and that is what sells newspapers…

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  1. I do think that his legal shenanighans are part of this overall scenario. His lawyers were at one point threatening legal action against Twitter users. If he had just let the original story blow over in one Sunday splash, then hardly anyone would remember it and, perhaps, this story would not have followed. Having said that, I suspect he is painfully aware of this, as he reviews the large depletion of his bank balance in favour of lawyers who, it seems, achieved the remarkable feat of publicising his affair more than it would have been publicised by a News of the World or Sun story – by a factor of about one hundred (plus).

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