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Day: April 23, 2011

Lib Dem election candidate Holly-Ann Battye in sexy photo ‘storm’

Holly-Ann Battye in standing for council for the Lib Dems in the South Northants Council ward of Cosgrove and Grafton. She has a few rather sexy photos up on her personal website and it is newsworthy according to the right-wing media.

The Lib Dems are a pretty laid back sort. Sexually liberal I would say (I hope they are anyway…) and I don’t see this being an embarrassing episode at all but maybe that’s because I’m extremely liberal. Let’s see what the Daily Mail thought about it.

The opening paragraph sums it up:

A Liberal Democrat local election candidate has left her party red-faced after she posed in fetish gear in provocative pictures which she then posted on the internet.

Oh dear.

If the Daily Mail really believe that the party are red-faced then they are dumb. If they really think a couple of photos in a ball gag is think kinky then boy they must be vanilla and boring. I wouldn’t even call those photos that provocative. The story actually says she is a councillor when as far as I can tell she’s only a candidate but who cares about accuracy when you can throw mud.

Just because someone poses in sexy photos doesn’t mean that they cannot be a good councillor. Anyone who thinks otherwise is what I’d call a moron. Good on the local party for standing by her.

Jane Hollis, chairman of the South Northants Lib Dems who is standing in the Castle ward in Northampton, stood by her candidate.

‘At the end of the day she is an artist and she sells images as a business,’ she said.

‘She is young and what I want to see is a refreshing change to all the elderly Tories sat on the SNC council.’

I can tell you one thing for sure and that is this young lady gets my full backing and thumbs up. She hasn’t shied away when these photos came to light and believes that the local stuck in the mud Tories (who are in general as kinky and perverted as the next person but don’t like it to be known) are using it to cast her in a bad light. Well to young people it will cast her in an extremely good light and they’ll not be impressed that some people think this is an issue to attack her with.

Good on her and I hope she sweeps into the fuddy-duddy council and ruffles a few feathers. Oh and if she wants any help in any photo shoots she needs to get in touch as they rock.

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