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Go Vince Cable, Go! (not in a get out way but in a we support you way)

So Vince Cable is back in the news again. He must have said something interesting and by jove I think he certainly has. The PM today will talk about immigration and what his plans are to stop those nasty foreigners coming over here stealing all our jobs and women and making it difficult for a good British boy to earn a wage and find a lady. Is that the PM or the BNP speaking? Either way their policy on non-British people isn’t all that dissimilar although the PM doesn’t want to get rid of everyone who isn’t British (unless he thinks it will win him votes then he’ll go there).

Those who read this blog or anyone who knows me in general will know that I support the coalition but this is the biggest line that we as Lib Dems need to make cross we watch extremely closely. This is a bigger issue than tuition fees (even though the electorate may not think so). The freedom of movement and trade around the Globe is vital and not only that – it is right. If we have work then nothing should stop us from living and working in a country. Even if people don’t have work then they should be free to live where they like – although I grant the fact that people using public services they don’t pay for – or claiming benefits when they nor their families have paid taxes into the economy is certainly a sticky wicket.

It saddened me that immigration was the #2 concern on the lips of the electorate behind the economy in the 2010 General Election. People are afraid of the unknown and are afraid of foreigners. ‘What do people have to afraid of?’ I ask myself. I don’t know 100s of foreigners but heck I don’t know that many people. Those I do know work hard and give something back to society. Look at the amount of Polish food shops in most towns, people setting up businesses, working, paying taxes into the economy. Where is the problem? I know the new stricter rules the government are bringing in is killing TEFL schools around the country as it will be much harder for students to get visas if they don’t already know English – well TEFL schools kinda rely on these students.

I have written about this following scenario before but I’ll write it again. What happens if an NHS hospital needs to hire a doctor but there isn’t enough qualified British people and the immigration quota has been filled? Does an NHS hospital not hire anyone or do they hire someone good/experienced enough? Do you want your loved ones to end up in a situation where their life is in danger because of an immigration cap? No of course you do. Even the BNP would prefer an Indian doctor to save their life than to die – although when they recovered they would probably go find them and beat them up for touching them.

Any immigration cap on skilled workers in sheer lunacy and if Vince Cabel or any other Lib Dem wants to say it and rock the coalition boat then I say go for it. I don’t think there should be any cap at all and whilst people may say that is easy for me to say in my Utopian idealist ways, it’s not like I’ve been fed with a silver spoon all my life. Born and raised on a council estate and have dragged myself up (as have the rest of my family) through hard work and dedication to be where I am today (the ability to write rubbish on the interwebs – go me!). Hard work will get you along the road to where you want to be, yes it’ll need a lucky break here or there but it isn’t foreigners that is stopping people from achieving great things. Foreigners are a placebo that this country needs to stop taking.

Yes there are bad ones but heck there are plenty of bad British folk as well. Work hard and life will give you rewards. There will be ups as well as downs but if you honestly think that by capping the amount of foreigners are allowed into this country will simply make you life easier and/or better then you are wrong. Life isn’t easy for the majority of us folks and until we stop licking our own wounds and fight to where we want to be on our own merits then we are doomed to failure.

Ok this soapbox is getting rather scary. I’m going to get down now.

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