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Take Me Out – My ramble on the ITV1 love show.

We all have guilty pleasures in life. Whether they be chocolate and ice cream, long bubble baths, Jimmy Choo shoes or trashy TV. Everyone that knows me will know that trashy TV is something that I’ll watch. You can’t get trashier than Take Me Out on ITV1. For me it is easy Saturday night TV and if I’m out the Sky+ box goes into record mode. I’m not missing an episode of this show. My mate Dickie went to a recording of the show (Show 11 – so not this weeks but next weeks show) and I lambasted him for not inviting me. It also means I know who may well get a date this week…

Anyway on to the point of my blog. For those of you who’ve never seen it, first of all where have you been? Out having social lives I suspect and not sitting in alone watching trashy TV with a chinese. Ok so I don’t have a life… Moving swiftly on. For those of you who haven’t seen it basically four men a show will come out and try to get a date with one of 30 ladies on the show. These ladies range in age probably from early 20s through to shall we say late 40s. The ladies if they don’t like a man will turn their light off. They get three chances to do this. At the start after just seeing him, after seeing a video about him and then after the third round which is either the guy doing something to impress them or a video by family or friends (usually stitching them up). After this if there are any lights left on then he has a date. If there are more than two he has to turn off the lights of all the girls he doesn’t want to take on a date except two, then he’ll ask a question to them and they’ll come out with corny Blind Date answers and he’ll pick on to go on a date.

Sounds complicated but it is about as simple a viewing as you can get.

I enjoy it for a variety of reasons. I have heard before that people have turned their lights off before due to the fact the guy shared a name with a dog they once had or an ex. Are you really telling me that someone wouldn’t even entertain the notion of going on a date with someone due to their name? Apparently so. Also silly things like ‘he has big ears’ or ‘I don’t like his shoes’. Now call me thick but that’s shocking. Just come out and say ‘you’re not my cup of tea’ or something, don’t make up a terrible excuse. When people are ruling out potential dates for those reasons then I can see why some of these girls are single.

Also as an aside I seem to have learned from this show that if you are a Cage Fighter then you are more attractive than if you are a geek. Whodda thunk it? Also reading out poems doesn’t go down well – even if you only get to spurt out one line. Last week we saw a crossdresser on the show and seemingly women don’t go for men who like to be women – well not in public on national TV anyway. It was reported in the newspapers that he was actually gay. I’m just glad none of the women kept their light on in the end as that would not have been a good experience.

On to the stars of the show – the single ladies. We obviously only get a very brief snapshot of their personalities on the show but over the course of the series you start to get some sort of feeling for what they are like. Some of them you can see why they are single whereas some of them you just wonder if every guy that ever meet is a moron and can’t see how potentially awesome they are? Again I’ll put in the caveat that we only see that snapshot of their personality but still you do wonder.

Some of the ladies come across very differently to others and I won’t say a bad word about any of them – except one – Elle. I just don’t understand why she went on the show. She was on for two seconds, got a date and basically was a complete bitch throughout the date. Did she just go on to be on TV hoping she might get some publicity from it? That is the only reason I can think of. Some of the other girls or a bit too picky or come across a bit too desperate (anyone who watches the show will know who I mean there) but they all seem nice enough. Amongst the single ladies it surprises me just how low some of their confidences are.

Now I’ve been single an eon – my confidence is pretty darn low when it comes to women but I’m not going on any TV shows. To go on the show you surely must have some confidence deep down. Yet I get the sense of some of them that they really don’t believe in themselves and think that a guy will always pick someone else over them and that makes me sad that people think that way. Look I’m probably not one to talk but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and if you read any forums you’ll see everyone having a different opinion about who is the nicest and who they would take on a date. So there is plenty of hope for us all!

I shall sum up this ramble on the show by having a quick word about who in my opinion come across as the ones I would like to date the most. We’ll start with someone who has left the show on a date and is still with the guy, Dawn. Dawn always seemed nice and on her date when she was worried about being and I quote ‘fat’ I just sat there and thought, ‘you are fine – you have nothing to worry about’. Gorgeous smile and face. Comes across as nice and without a doubt attractive. Delighted she has found something special on the show. Next up is Carol. Carol nearly got a date a few weeks ago but the idiot chose Elle instead. He knew he’d made a mistake straight away but such is life. Carol doesn’t come across as to clichĂ©d or desperate. Happy to wait for someone she likes. Very attractive and down to earth. What more could a guy want? She got a date last week so we’ll see how that went on Saturday.

And lastly there is Jo Jo. What is there to say about Jo Jo? To describe her using her own favourite expression she is ‘mint’. One of those people who is drop dead gorgeous without even knowing it. She looks around at other women and sees them all as great and at times you get the feeling that she thinks she can’t compete. She has probably had her light turned off more than anyone (except Lucy) and I suppose it must sap at the moralĂ©. However not only is she stunning she seems like a regular lass and not a prima donna. Someone that you would take home to meet the family without even blinking about what they might think. Any guy would be lucky to take her out and hopefully after seeing the positive feedback she’s getting on forums etc… she’ll realise that.

I’m sure there are others but they are the three that stand out. Stacey seems like a good egg, Heidi has her charm and Lucy, well even I think that she tries a little bit too hard but still.

And there we go. First of all – no I’m not ever going to apply for the show – I would get no lights left on and would only get some Paddy Loving and secondly I do respect any guy or girl who does go on Take Me Out as it must be quite a weird and unnerving environment. Big props to you all for helping keep five million of us entertained every Saturday Night.

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  1. The show is good however they could try changing some of the ladies, it would be good one day to change the format so that men reject the ladies Good luck with your future dating endeavours.

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