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People of Egypt 1, Hosni Mubarak 0

A terrific victory for the home side as after 18 long days the people of Egypt have forced out their dictator and whilst the future remains clouded in mystery hope has been restored. If you cut the head off then the body will fall. When the figure-head of a political regime is tole it is time then it is over. Last night it seemed as though he would cling on to power until the last possible moment but with a million people spilling on to the streets today then the army knew it was time and have told the President it is time to go.

Obviously we now have to watch what the military do as they will rule for a period believed to be between two months and two years. Will the military allow fair and free elections? You have to think they will because they have seen what the people are willing to go through to get what they want. Now is the time for democracy to take hold but will democracy comes uncertain times. However that should not matter to the rest of the world. Tonight is a night to rejoice that voices were heard and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This just shows that the way things are aren’t how they always have to be. If people bind together then they can achieve great things. Toppling a political regime those non violent means and not at the ballot box must be one of the hardest things to do for any group of people, so to show such resolve and vigour to see this through to the end is quite breathtaking. To see them willing to go through hell to free their people is enough to bring you to tears.

Celebrate Egypt. You have earned the right.

One final point I want to post is the amount of people who are likening Egypt’s dictatorship to the coalition saying that if Egypt can topple a dictator in 18 days then the people of the UK can do the same with regards to the coalition government. I find this pathetic and quite frankly disgusting. As far as I’m aware we had full and free elections. More people voted for the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats than did Labour and all sorted other parties. These people have been oppressed and have not been allowed a voice. We aren’t and we had our voice. What the country said may not be everyone’s cup of tea but to liken the two is deplorable.

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