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Half Time Burger? I don’t think so. How about tofu on a stick instead?

I suspect many of you will have read the widely reported article this morning that Forest Green Rovers have banned red meat from the ground in an attempt to promote healthy living amongst their fans. The ban on players eating red meat has been running for a few weeks but now it is being spread to the fans. the BBC News version of the story is here.

It is certainly an interesting decision by the owner, who coincidentally is a vegan who has made his millions running green electricity company Ecotricity. He says that is will promote healthy living and will move the club further along in their ambitions to become a green company. What is doesn’t do though is promote choice. Surely he could bring in this food and give those interested the option to eat greener and give up their Half Time burger or hot dog with onions. He says that he believes it is a step-forward for the club whereas we all know it is in fact a step backwards. More choice is the future. Less choice is the past. (Vote Yes to AV).

What I’m interested to see is how this affects attendances at Forest Green matches and also what away fans will think if they didn’t know the news before making the trip to the aptly green named ‘The New Lawn’ where they play their home games. Will fans take this lying down or will there be an uprising against the owner? Will home attendances suffer as casual fans stay away? Is the Half Time meat pie vital to the football afternoon or evening to some fans?

Many questions but it’s a bold step by this man. One that is admirable but also lamentable. I suspect many fans will now stream out of the ground at Half Time and go to the nearest burger van. If you are a burger van owner that has a pitch near to this ground then your Matchday profits are going to go through the roof. This will undoubtably lose money for the club, the question though is will it lose enough money to concern the millionaire owner? Somehow I doubt it.

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