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It is time to fully license and legalise Prostitution

Whilst I know that selling yourself for sex isn’t actually illegal at the moment. Doing so outside of your home or more than one person doing it in one property is. The time has come to remove the stigma and sort out the problem. Both for the sake of those who want to sell themselves, those who want to buy sex and those who are forced on to The Game by Pimps.

I’ll start with the case for why people should be allowed to sell themselves for sex.

I firmly believe that in life we should be allowed to do what we want with our own lives as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else directly. If you want to get absolutely wrecked and stumble home quietly then who cares. If you stumble home after getting wrecked but want to get behind the wheel or have a fight then there is a clear problem. So on to sex. If someone wants to sell themselves for sex and another person wants to buy then why should anyone have the right to stop them on what is a private transaction? So I think my PoV is clear – people are entitled to live their lives as they see fit.

So now on to the impact on others.

Street prostitution impacts on the neighbourhood. That is clear. So I can have no quibbles with this staying illegal. I’m not a home owner but I can imagine that if I owned a property and then it suddenly became a Red Light District then I can see my investment being impacted by others. So considering I think people have the right to sell themselves then I need to find a solution.

I have one (and possibly two)

Firstly legal and licensed brothels in town centres. All the sellers would be registered and taxed as self-employed business people. All the sellers would get regular STI checks and would be in a safe environment. The buyers would also be safe in the knowledge that what they were buying was safe and legal.

Secondly any transaction between two private individuals in a private dwelling should be ok. However I think even in this case the seller should be fully registered and licensed. This is for both parties safety. The buyer will know they will not be arrested for any crime and the seller will be free of the same problem. There are slight drawbacks to this but they can be overcome with debate.

Some people may not like this idea but here is one of the huge up points of this plan. It would stop illegal gangs forcing people into prostitution as no-one would buy illegal sex knowing that (in my world) the buyer would face serious charges. If there are legal places to buy sex knowing that all parties involved are happy with the transaction then going to an unlicensed person would essentially be saying they agree with and endorse unsafe sex with people who are forced on to The Game against their will.

Our attitude to sex as a country is still pretty much in the Dark Ages. We are light years behind countries such as the Netherlands or Germany. We need to find a way to allow people the freedom to live their lives as they please and also ensure the net closes and as soon as possible envelopes and collapses the illegal sex slave market. 1000s of people are forced into a life that they did not want or sign up for. This is something that needs to be addressed and in my opinion the easiest way to do this is by licensing prostitutes and brothels to form a big wedge between legal and illegal sex and by making the laws against those who exploit and use people for illegal sex much, much harsher.

This is a real problem and one I think needs to be addressed by this government. I know Middle England and the Conservative Party couldn’t really care too much about these people but they should. I get annoyed by NIMBYs when there are real issues out there and don’t affect everyone. People are living lives of absolute hell and we can change that. It might not be you, or anyone you know directly but you never know what life will throw up.

License prostitutes and set up legal brothels and make laws stricter and harsher against those who use and trade in illegal sex workers. You know it makes sense.

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