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Random things I think I think

Stepping away from Politics for a bit. Here are some random things I think I think:


When in an M&S queue and an old lady starts talking about you when you have your iPod in and when you comment on it they say ‘you aren’t one of the nasty ones are you?’ (in reference to me being a young man wearing a hoodie) a good reply is definitely ‘don’t worry – the nasty ones rarely shop in M&S’. Defuses the situation quick sharpish.


My local chippy has finally worked out how to make a good battered sausage. The batter should be very soft as should the sausage. The whole thing should be floppy. This is one positive note about my local chippy. It is like very unorganised chaos there if there are more than one or two people waiting. Battered Sausage, Saveloy, Chips & a Curry Sauce should not under any circumstances take 20 minutes. I could’ve gone next door and waited for a Curry in that time. The women who serve are nice enough though. Brucie Bonus as the Brez would say.


I missed the return of StormChasers last night and I’m gutted. Not only that but there is no repeat until Saturday evening. I do love StormChasers and love them following violent tornadoes. One of the few shows that I do make a point of sitting down and watching (or Sky+ing). Looking forward to Saturday to see the opening episode of the series.


Cliff Lee spurned the Yankees overnight to go to Philly for less money and less years. I thought he was going to Texas. It was clear as every hour passed that he didn’t want to come to NY for whatever reason. Yankees offered the most money and he wasn’t buying in at all. Lee moves to the best rotation in the game and joins the prohibitive NL Faves. Staying out of the AL and the powerful AL East. Does this mean Lee is a good guy or that he has little stomach for a fight? Is he the LeBron of baseball wanting the easy ride to rings? Is he looking at pitching a few years in the NL to help his HoF chances? Bad news for the Yankees but I hope they don’t panic and sign Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright. Oh poo. We’ve done that before…


Penn State’s three-time defending national championship Women’s Volleyball team are back into the Final Four and are the highest seed left in the tournament. A repeat of last years final match in the semis v Texas and then Cal or USC in the final should we make it. They are without a doubt one of the prides of the university.


We had a big power cut here last week. Without power for about five hours. It showed me just how reliant I am (and I suppose we all are on electricity). No PC, No Laptop, No Interwebs, No TV, No happy faces in my apartment I can tell you. To pass the time I went outside and helped a neighbour who was breaking up the ice around the complex so people could walk without falling over. I’m a good guy really.


Lastly TweetDeck has revolutionised the way I use twitter. I use it a tonne more these days and am more willing to randomly speak with people and ‘debate’ certain things.


Ok and now back to politics…

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