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Awful Service

I just had to post about the absolutely shocking service my sister & I received at the Halfway House along the seafront between Thorpe Bay and Southend the other day. It was a carvery and I’ve never had a carvery so it was a tad exciting as I had no idea what to expect. Anyway we ordered at the bar and then walked round to where the carvery was. There was an extremely long queue, this was not a good start. My sister went back to our table and moved our drinks nearer to the carvery as there was plenty of space.

Anyway as we waited the Turkey got taken off as it had gotten too cold so they had to wait to get another one ready. Not good. We must have been queuing for twenty minutes before we got to the head of the queue. Not amused. We only got through that quick because some people in front of us only wanted Turkey and not the other alternatives (Gammon or Beef). So we got our meat but by then there were no Roast Potatoes left. Seriously not impressive.

We go and sit down and then some roasts come out so we go back and get some. Fair enough. Some of the food was stone cold but to be fair the meat was superb, I’ll give them credit for that. Anyway when we moved we had apparently moved from the bar to the restrurant area. The waitress tried to charge us again for the same meal we had already paid for at the bar! The fact that we had to have a payment receipt to get food had clearly bypassed her intelligence levels…

She was about to go through with making a real shit about it before my sister brought up my disability. Wow. Never seen that line used in a long time. As the waitress turned to look at me my hand was clearly withered so she apparently just gave us a dirty look and a lecture about how the bar and restaurant areas were separate for a reason. I wasn’t even looking at her as by then I just wanted to eat and get out of there but my sister took me of the filthy look she gave me and my hand.

So we eat and leave pretty quickly and d’ya know what? The people who were waiting for the Turkey were still in line waiting for it. They were ahead of us in the queue and we’d waited 20 minutes and it took 20 odd minutes for my sister to finish eating (I’d whoffed it down as I hadn’t eaten anything substantial on Saturday) and yet they were still waiting. Absolutely awful. Just disgusting. This is why I always prefer take-away as you can eat in comfort at home. Eating out when you’ve had poor service only leads to me wanting to eat and get the hell out of there.

So Halfway House along the Seafront between Thorpe Bay and Southend gets no stars on the star scale. The only good part was the meat was nice – everything else was cold and the service was pathetic. Avoid at all costs and try the Harvester in Shoebury.

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Random stuff from today (so far)

Sometimes in life you just notice things more when you take a step back and stop thinking. Today whilst getting my lunch I sat back on the stool where I was sitting and looked out of the window for five minutes and watched and listened to the world go by. First thing I noticed was a car with a driver and two passengers (all teenage girls) just park horrendously. There was easily enough room for two cars in the space but they parked right in the middle so no-one else could park there. Very inconsiderate.

Next someone walking into the chippy clearly knew the new person behind the till. (For the record – new person is awful – slow and just bad at her job). Anyway she charged her friend less money than it actually should’ve been. (55p for a sausage instead of 80p). I know it’s only 25p but I thought that was rude considering there were several of us in there that clearly saw it. Also she served her friend before me even though I’d been waiting several minutes whilst she remembered to put the Curry Sauce in the microwave. Shocking I say. Shocking!

Earlier in the day I had been to the barbers to get my hair cut. Same woman who did it last time. The best way I think I can describe her is a typical 40 odd year-old Essex girl. You can tell she’s been through the mill, that haggard look on her face and her soul having been dragged the muck of life. Still a MILF though. Luckily for me she worked out relatively quickly that I’m not a talkative sort and she just got on with cutting my hair. That bit though at the end where they show you the back of your head – I doubt I would ever say ‘Nah – I don’t like it’ – I have never even heard a person complain about that bit but she said it does happen. I said she could cut crop circles in the back and I doubt I’d say anything.

The guy next to me was being given the most traditional questioning ever by a hairdresser ‘So been anywhere nice on holiday this year?’ – I inwardly chuckled to myself. I had already sucked conversation out of my hairdresser and was sitting there mentally dancing to Zombie Nation. If a hairdresser is going to drag me into conversation then it better be about something interesting. No I haven’t been on holiday and no I’m not planning to do so. What is your second question now the holiday issue is sorted hairdresser?

As I suspected…silence.

Lastly I just took a package in for #4. I have no idea who lives at #4 (well I do as I just saw the name on the package) but it is weird that I’ve taken a clearly important package in for someone even though I have no idea who they are. Being apartments I’ll go and leave it outside his door and it’ll be fine but still strange. The delivery girl wasn’t half bad either however she had a young sprog with her.

As someone said to me the other day ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ and as I replied ‘I don’t have a lot of bait and I mostly throw back what I’ve caught anyway’


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I am who I am.

People come and go in life. That is just the way it is. I’m one of those people who is very laid back on this issue. Having moved around the country many times I know that distance even in this modern-day world of the interwebs will weaken friendships. My best friend from school got married during the summer and I wasn’t even invited so I know that even the best of friendships can weaken over time. Being a loner though has helped me cope with this and being a big user of the interwebs also I have seen people come and go in my life. Circumstances change, relationships change, jobs change, people change.

Anyway on to the point of this blog.

A friend of mine was telling me the other night about how she simply can’t deal with being single. She would prefer to be in a crap relationship than be alone. She puts this down to self-confidence issues. Now I sit firmly on the other side of the ledger. Before recent events I hadn’t had genuine interest in anyone for about three years and before that it had been 18 months or so. I like being single and will only change when someone wanders into my life whom I think is special and would enrich my life accordingly, whether this be because I find them physically attractive, down right loveable, whether there is insane chemistry or whether they stimulate me mentally, all have occurred and drawn me to someone in the past.

So for me I don’t need anyone to complete me, I don’t need anyone to need me, if I did then I’d be a wreck considering the state of my personal life. Having been single for over 27 years I think it’s fair to say that I’m comfortable with my lot in life. I am who I am and whilst it did take me a long time to accept that – I did quite a few years back. People try to give to advice all the time about what I should do. ‘I need to just go out and get laid’ say some. Others say I’m too picky (I am picky but I think that is my choice), some say I don’t ‘put myself out there enough’ and that is fair, but maybe I don’t want to. Society seems to drum it into us that we need a partner to be anyone. Being single is looked down upon in some circles.

I was laying in bed last night plotting this blog entry and worked out that I haven’t actually asked anyone out for three years. Boy that is a long time when you think about it. I also worked out that I have asked out a grand total of four people in my life, I think. One of which seriously does not like me anymore due to things that happened at VI Form (of which I was an innocent party but easily blamed), one I’m FB friends with but haven’t seen nor spoken to in about four years, one I’m FB friends with but haven’t seen nor spoken to since I left my last job where we worked together and the other I’m FB friends with and still talk to every so often. This girl was the only one I didn’t know before asking out and she’s the one I still speak to. Bizarre. For the record they all said no. No-one I have ever asked out for a drink or anything has ever said yes. Harsh, harsh…

Still that shows what I am like. I don’t just go with the flow. I see many attractive people around the place but rarely do they have anything that actually interests me enough to go anything about it. When I do I get caught up in it too much but I’m learning to curb that side of me. If things don’t go down the way I’d hoped/expected then I’ll just lick my wounds and life will continue. My own mother believes that I won’t get into a relationship until ‘well into my 30s’ – so I have a while to go then before I can say I’m in any sort of relationship. I look across at my school friends and they are near enough all married or at least engaged. It still shocks me in a way but in others it does not. I remember there was one member of the social group I was in who fancied every single guy in the social group at one point or another except me. Says a lot really.

This isn’t a moping entry about ‘woe is me’ but it is more to show that I’m not an easy person. I’m not an easy person to break the walls down of. I’m not an easy person to like and I’m certainly not an easy person to love. I’m not someone who’ll put everything on the line for something that might never be. I am just me. Some people regard me as shy and quiet, those people are just people who I don’t click with. If I like you and/or respect you then you’ll know. If I don’t then I’ll come across as aloof because I just couldn’t care less what you think.

Some may perceive this as snobbishness but I just see it as the way I am. I see people often very differently to how others see them. I can be civil and nice to near enough anyone but to engage with someone takes a lot more. People whose lives revolve around ‘partying’ and ‘drinking’ and ‘pulling birds’ – yeah. I just can’t find a connection with them. Someone who wants to talk about their plans for world domination or discuss the probabilities of aliens having visited Earth or how great a President Bill Clinton was, now that is interesting. I need intellectual stimulation in friends and potential partners. People who want to better themselves and aren’t just happy to be bottom of the rung dwellers whose sole purpose in life is to have sex, get drunk and just have a good time.

So that is that. This ramble is to show those who don’t really know me, why I am who I am. I’m a difficult person to like or understand if I don’t like you but if I do then you’ll get me pretty quickly. I don’t need anyone to complete me and I like my little life. Being a loner has got a bad reputation. I have been called many things under the sun by people who don’t really know me, some deserved but mostly not. However I have learnt to deal with these comments and let them roll over me seamlessly (unless anyone says I’m a rapist or say I look like a pedophile – then I get mad).

Like it or lump it. I am who I am and I won’t fundamentally change for anyone. If that means I spend the rest of my life alone then so be it. I’ll live.

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Get My Swag On

Well being one of those people who actually doesn’t have any sort of social life, I am an avid X Factor watcher. What else is there to do on Saturday evening’s in autumn and winter? (Don’t answer that…)

Anyway last night we saw the two ends of the spectrum. We’ll start off with the bad. These are the type of people that make me feel sick. Two girls named Abby and Lisa who are deluded, nasty, bitchy, pathetic and depressingly the norm in the UK these days.

Just how awful is that?

However there are good times as well. In the middle of the show we were introduced to Cher Lloyd. Cher is a 16 year-old Performing Arts student who came on in very ripped trousers and seemed a tad nervous. She chose to sing a song I had never heard of, but a remix, by an artist I’d never even heard of before. The last time someone did this it was Diana Vickers audition and I loved that audition.

Anyway I digress.

Here is Cher…

The best audition on any of these shows that I have ever seen. This girl may very well be an absolute star someday. There is a gap in the market for an artiste like her and if she can keep it together she might well be made.

It is no shock that it was the most watched YouTube video in the UK today either…

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My Rambles on Education

I have no idea how this blog will end up in time but I have a feeling it’ll be heavily politically themed. So I’m now going to take a few moments to jot down what I believe in. We’ll start with Education.

Firstly I believe squarely that we are all born equal. Whether we are the son of a Lord or the daughter of a coal miner. Every person deserves the same opportunities to become whatever they want to be. Yes when you are the son of a lord, the money may open up avenues that aren’t open to a daughter of a coal miner but who am I to not allow the Lord to use his money to help his offspring? So the best way around this is to create a state education system where everyone has the opportunity to learn and develop their skills as much as possible. So I think heavy investment is needed in young people and the education system.

I do however also think that a lot of people go to university on waste of paper degrees, when that money should be spent elsewhere. Ideologically I think that certain professions like medicine for instance should be funded solely by the state. Where the line is I’m not sure but there are certain degrees out there that as a country we will always need. I do believe that too many people go to university but it is everyone’s right to go but at what point do we fund everyone? I’d prefer to fund people studying for jobs that we need in the future than fund someone through a Media Studies degree that they are only taking to have three years of the university life.

I should point out that I’m a Journalism Grad who only graduated with a 2:2 at this point – although I’ll defend that by saying all my practical work was 2:1 or above. Damn essays and that bleedin’ dissertation…

More young people would do better to get more vocational qualifications so I think more alternatives need to be presented to young people. When I applied for Journalism there were apparently 200 applicants for every place. I find that stat quite insane and I’m sure it is not that high but that is what the tutors said at my interview for the university where I eventually studied. Back then there were only 18 fully accredited Journalism courses in the country, I’m pretty sure there are more now. So that meant if those figures are accurate that 99.5% of people who applied did not get in. What did they do next?

There are options to become trainees or apprentices on local newspapers, at local radio stations and with the explosion of the interwebs there are also many websites that want content. However with so many people wanting to do that, they often don’t even earn a fair wage. I used to work for a company whereupon some of the wages they gave their writers was quite frankly shocking, but as the boss said ‘I’m not paying them as if this was a part-time job’, when in fact that is exactly what he was doing. It was no surprise that our pool of copy writers dwindled from over 200 to less than 25, but still.

I digress.

My opinion on Education is that people need viable options. Not everyone is suited for university and moving on to a profession that is helped by a three or four-year degree. Everyone deserves the right to go but if you give people other options then they will look at them. University shouldn’t be about the whole experience, although that is part of it, it is about setting people up for the next stage of their careers and giving them prospects. We should invest in this but the B/S degrees are not needed and people taking them are in fact wasting their own time and years of their lives.

Everyone deserves the chance to be whatever they want to be but in the real world sadly we can’t always have what we want. I’m now not in the Journalism industry and in a way that makes me sad. However there are people better than me and I have had to accept that. I have however carved out a good career (so far) in another industry and I am content. I’m happy I went to university and studied Journalism as it did help in a way but when I look at my course of 40 people and as far as I know only three are still in the industry, I think it says a lot.

Whatever your background you should be able to try to become what you want to become. The state should help you fund this. I do not want to see working class kids not going to study Medicine for instance because they can’t afford to even though they have the grades and desire. This is not right. The state is there to help elevate equality but to do that money must be taken from elsewhere.

I would cut the number of university places and reduce the amount of courses that are offered. Then I would fund everyone who went to university and they are an investment in the future. Everyone else would be helped by a lot more funding in vocational courses that offer real skills to young people who may not be right for university. What we need to get over is that university is for everyone – it quite plainly isn’t.

We have to invest a lot of money in young people but not all of it should be in university based further education.

I have no idea if that made any sense whatsoever but heck that’s why it the title it says the word ‘rambles’…

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